Five Man Band / Video Games D to F
aka: Video Games D-F

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
The LeaderLaharl
The LancerEtna
The ChickFlonne
The Big GuyGordon
The Smart GuyJennifer
Team PetThursday
The Sixth RangerKurtis

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
The LeaderMao
The LancerAlmaz
The ChickSapphire
The Smart GuyRaspberyl
The Big GuyMr. Champloo (Sapphire has elements of this)

Dynasty Warriors has a couple, depending on the situation.

Shu, Battle Of Chang Ban
The LeaderLiu Bei
The LancerZhao Yun
The Big GuyZhang Fei
The Smart GuyZhuge Liang
The ChickYue Ying
Sixth RangerGuan Yu (as he only joins up with the others part way into the battle)

Shu, Battle of Bai Di Castle
The LeaderLiu Shan
The LancerHuang Zhong
The Big GuyMa Chao
The Smart GuyJiang Wei
The ChickXing Cai

Dynasty Warriors Advance has you start with three playable characters from each kingdom, with the faction's leader becoming playable after completing story mode. There is also a 5th character, whom, while not playable, has his own sprite. So you end up with two groups who fit into this category. Shu, lacking anyone to fill the role of The Chick, doesn't count.

The LeaderCao Cao
The LancerXiahou Dun
The Big GuyXu Zhu
The Smart GuySima Yi
The ChickZhen Ji

The LeaderSun Jian
The LancerSun Quan
The Big GuySun Ce
The Smart GuyZhou Yu
The ChickSun Shang Xiang

The LeaderNess
The LancerKing
The ChickPaula
The Smart GuyJeff
The Big GuyPoo

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: The Companions Circle
The LeaderKodlak
The LancerSkjor
The Big GuyFarkas
The Smart GuyVilkas
The ChickAela
The Sixth RangerEorlund

Eternal Sonata

For the first two chapters:
The LeaderAllegretto
The LancerBeat
The Big GuyViola
The Smart GuyFrederic
The ChickPolka
Sixth RangerSalsa

For Chapter 3:
The LeaderJazz
The LancerFalsetto
The Big GuyViola
The Smart GuyAllegretto
The ChickClaves

Fallout 3, the Mothership Zeta crew.
The LeaderThe Player Character
The LancerSomah, your first ally and the only one from the wasteland like you.
The Big GuyPaulson, literal cowboy who is eager to shoot up the aliens
The Smart GuyElliot, army field medic who best understands how to use the alien technology
The ChickSally, the child who brings the group together and acts as adviser and Mission Control

Fallout: New Vegas

NCR First Recon
The LeaderGorobetz
The LancerBitter Root
The Big GuySterling
The Smart Guy10 of Spades
The ChickBetsy

Enclave Remnants
The LeaderJudah Kreger
The LancerCannibal Johnson
The Big GuyOrion Moreno
The Smart GuyDr Henry
The ChickDaisy Whitman

Think Thank, Old World Blues DLC
The LeaderDr Klein
The LancerDr Borous
The Big GuyDr 0
The Smart GuyDr 8
The ChickDr Dala
Sixth Ranger TraitorDr Mobius

Final Fantasy V
The LeaderBartz
The LancerFaris
The Big GuyGaluf
The Smart GuyKrile
The ChickLenna

Final Fantasy XI: The Mythril Musketeers
The LeaderVolker
The LancerZeid
The Big GuyIron Eater
The Smart GuyNaji
The ChickAyame

Final Fantasy XI: The terrestrial avatars
The LeaderPhoenix
The LancerFenrir
The Big GuyBahamut
The Smart GuyDiabolos
The ChickCarbuncle

Final Fantasy XIII
The LeaderLightning
The LancerSazh
The Big GuySnow
The Smart GuyHope
The ChickVanille
The Sixth RangerFang

Final Fantasy XIII: Team NORA
The LeaderSnow
The LancerGadot
The Big GuyYuj
The Smart GuyMaqui
The ChickLebreau

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
The LeaderYuri
The LancerChelinka
The Big GuyGnash
The Smart GuyAlhanalem
The ChickMeeth Crym

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance: Elincia's troupe. While there are others, this is more or less the core.
The LeaderElincia
The LancerGeoffrey
The Big GuyKieran
The Smart GuyBastian
The ChickLucia

Fire Emblem: The Sword of Seals: The Etrurian Generals
The LeaderKlein
The LancerPercival
The Big GuyDouglas (in a Genius Bruiser way)
The Smart GuyElphin (Spoony Bard; a.k.a. Prince Mildain)
The ChickCecilia