Five Man Band / Video Games A to C
aka: Video Games A-C

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (during the final case)
The LeaderMiles Edgeworth
The LancerDick Gumshoe
The ChickKay Faraday
The Smart GirlFranziska von Karma
The Big GuyShi-Long Lang

Ape Escape series: The Freaky Monkey Five
The LeaderRed Monkey
The LancerBlue Monkey
The Big GuyYellow Monkey
The Smart GuyWhite Monkey
The ChickPink Monkey

Armored Core For Answer: Carpals Counter Occupation Team
The LeaderWynne D. Fanchon
The LancerOstdarva
The Big GuyRoadie
The Smart GuyKasumi Sumrika
The ChickLilium Wolcott

Battalion Wars: the COs who fight Xylvania
The LeaderYou
The LancerNova
The Big GuyHerman
The Smart GuyAustin
The ChickBetty

Blue Dragon
The LeaderShu
The LancerZola
The Big GuyMarumaro
The Smart GuyJiro
The ChickKluke

Breath of Fire III
The LeaderRyu
The LancerRei
The Big GuyGarr
The Smart GuyMomo
The ChickNina
Team PetPeco

Breath of Fire IV
The LeaderRyu
The LancerCray
The Big GuyScias
The Smart Guy/Robot BuddyErshin
The ChickNina
Sixth RangerUrsula

Cars Mater-national
The LeaderGiovanni
The LancerOtto
The Smart GuyKoji
The Big GuyGudmund
The ChickEmma
Sixth RangerLightning McQueen and Mater

Catherine: Vincent and his friends
The LeaderVincent
The LancerOrlando
The Smart GuyJonny
The Big GuyToby
The ChickErica

City of Heroes
The LeaderStatesman
The LancerManticore or Synapse
The Smart GuyPositron
The Big GuyCitadel
The ChickSister Psyche