Five Man Band / Toys


Bara Magna
The LeaderMata Nui (the exiled Great Spirit)
The LancerAckar (the veteran)
The Big GuyKiina (has some pretty crazy ideas)
The Smart GuyBerix (a thief)
The ChickGresh (the rookie)

Toa Inika/Mahri
The LeaderJaller (Toa of Fire, a leader determined to not make the same mistakes as his predecessors)
The LancerKongu (Toa of Air, wears a Mask of Telepathy that won't turn off and is the first to voice a complaint)
The Big GuyHewkii (Toa of Stone, has Improbable Aiming Skills with or without a mask that enhances them)
The Smart GuyNuparu (Toa of Earth, one of Metru Nui's smartest Matoran)
The ChickHahli (Toa of Water, who also has Improbable Aiming Skills)
The HeartMatoro (Toa of Ice, starts as The Everyman, then turns into The Hero and saves the universe)

Toa Metru/Hordika
The LeaderVakama (Toa of Fire, a leader with self-confidence issues and visions)
The LancerOnewa (Toa of Stone, who thinks Vakama is crazy)
The Big GuyWhenua (Toa of Earth, the strongest Toa Metru with extensive knowledge of Rahi)
The Smart GuyNuju (Toa of Ice, an astrologist who can talk to birds)
The ChickNokama (Toa of Water, was a teacher before taking The Hero role, and is still the voice of wisdom for her team)
Kid-Appeal CharacterMatau (Toa of Air, a thrill seeker and Large Ham)

Hero Factory

Von Nebula arc
The LeaderFurno
The LancerSurge
The ChickBreeze
The Big GuyBulk
The Smart GuyStringer
The MentorStormer

Fire Lord arc
The LeaderFurno
The LancerSurge
The ChickBreeze
The Big GuyNex
The Smart GuyEvo
The MentorStormer

Machine Robo

Battle Tribe
The LeaderRoddrill Robo
The LancerBike Robo
The Big GuyTrailer Robo
The Smart GuyCombat Racer
The ChickScooter Robo

Jet Tribe
The LeaderBlue Jet Robo
The LancerFalcon Robo
The Big GuyTriple Jim
The Smart GuyMecha Fighter
The ChickEagle Robo

Monster High
The LeaderFrankie Stein
The LancerCleo de Nile
The Big GuyClawdeen Wolf
The Smart GuyGhoulia Yelps
Kid-Appeal CharacterDraculaura

The LeaderKai
The LancerJay
The Smart GuyZane
The Big GuyCole
The ChickNya
The MentorSensei Wu
The Sixth RangerLloyd (a.k.a. - The Green Ninja)

Tween Dora
The LeaderDora
The LancerAlana
The Big GuyKate
The Smart GuyNaiya
The ChickEmma