Five Man Band / Live-Action TV T to Z
aka: Live Action TV-T-Z

Tomica Hero Rescue Fire
The LeaderTatsuya Homura/Fire-1/Fire-1X
The LancerTsubasa Aoi/Fire-4
The Big GuyYuma Megumi/Fire-2
The Smart GuyRitsuka Yuki/Fire-3
The ChickJun Watari/Fire-5
The MentorRiku Taiga


Series 1
The LeaderCaptain Jack Harkness
The LancerOwen Harper
The Big GuyIanto Jones
The Smart GuyToshiko Sato
The ChickGwen Cooper
Team PetMyfanwy the Pterodactyl

Series 4 (Miracle Day)
The LeaderCaptain Jack Harkness
The LancerRex Matheson
The Big GuyGwen Cooper
The Smart GuyEsther Drummond
The ChickRhys Williams
Sixth RangerOswald Danes, the Token Evil Teammate as of episode nine

Twin Peaks
The LeaderAgent Dale Cooper
The LancerSheriff Harry Truman
The Big GuyDeputy Andy Brennan & Deputy Tommy "Hawk" Hill
The Smart Guy/Sixth RangerAgent Albert Rosenfield
The ChickLucy Moran

The Vampire Diaries

Seasons 1-2
The LeaderStefan
The LancerDamon
The Big GuyCaroline
The Smart GuyBonnie
The ChickElena

Season 3
The LeaderDamon
The LancerElena/Alaric
The Big GuyCaroline
The Smart GuyBonnie
The ChickElena
Token Evil TeammateStefan

The Voice
The LeaderChristina Aguilera
The LancerAdam Levine
The Big GuyBlake Shelton
The Smart GuyCee Lo Green
The ChickCarson Daly (no personality, he's kind of just there)

The Walking Dead (The group's fighters in season 3)
The LeaderRick Grimes
The LancerDaryl Dixon
The Smart GuyGlenn Rhee
The Big GuyTheodore "T-Dog" Douglas
The ChickMaggie Greene
Sixth RangerMichonne

Warehouse 13

Seasons 1-2
The LeaderArtie
The LancerMyka
The Big GuyPete
The Smart GuyClaudia
The ChickLeena

Season 3
The LeaderArtie
The LancerMyka
The Big GuyPete
The Smart GuySteve
The ChickClaudia

Welcome Back, Kotter: The Sweathogs
The LeaderVinnie Barbarino
The LancerFreddie Washington (seemingly promoted to leader in the final season)
The Big GuyJuan Epstein
The Smart GuyArnold Horshack
Revolving Door ChicksRosalie Totsie, Vernajean Williams, Angie Grabowski, Mary Johnson
The Replacement LancerBeau De LaBarre
The MentorGabe Kotter

The West Wing
The LeaderPresident Bartlet
The LancerLeo
The Big GuysCJ (both job and stature) and Josh (serves as Leo's attack dog)
The Smart GuyToby
The ChickSam (of the emotional variety)

The Whitest Kids U' Know
The LeaderTrevor Moore (founded the troupe, often plays the boss or leader of the other guys)
The LancerZach Cregger
The Big GuySam Brown (could also double as the Butt-Monkey considering how much the other guys mock him)
The Smart GuyTimmy Williams (not necessarily because he's the smartest (all of them are pretty smart), but he is certainly the geekiest)
The ChickDarren Trumeter (mostly because he's almost always playing the girl in a sketch)

The Wiggles
The LeaderSam Moran (originally Greg Page)
The LancerAnthony Field
The Smart GuyMurray Cook
The Big GuyJeff Fatt
The ChickDorothy the Dinosaur
Sixth RangersCaptain Feathersword and Henry the Octopus
Team PetWags the Dog

The Wire: Season One
The LeaderJimmy McNulty
The LancerWilliam "Bunk" Moreland
The Big GuyThomas "Herc" Hauk and Ellis Carver (a two-man team of the Leeroy Jenkins variety)
The Smart GuyLester Freamon
The ChickShakima "Kima" Griggs
Tagalong KidRoland "Prez" Pryzbylewski
The MentorCedric Daniels

The X-Files: Seasons 8-9
The LeaderJohn Doggett
The LancerDana Scully
The Big GuyWalter Skinner
The Smart GuyThe Lone Gunmen
The ChickMonica Reyes