Five Man Band / Live-Action TV N to S
aka: Live Action TV-N-S

Operation Repo
The LeaderLuis
The LancerMatt
The Smart GuyFroy
The Big GirlSonia
The ChickLyndah

The LeaderPete Brockman (the clueless but well meaning dad)
The LancerSue Brockman (Mum, far more reliable than her easy going husband)
The Smart GuyJake Brockman (the oldest child and most level headed member of the family)
The Big GuyBen Brockman (middle child, who is usually responsible for the more crazy experiments in the house)
The ChickKaren Brockman (youngest child and only daughter, who develops an interest in fashion in later series)

Painkiller Jane
The LeaderAndre McBride
The LancerJane Vasco (subversion, she's the protagonist)
The Big GuyConnor King
The Smart GuysRiley Jensen and Seth Carpenter
The ChickMaureen Bowers

Power Rangers (in chronological order)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
The LeaderShane Clarke/Red Wind Ranger
The LancerHunter Bradley/Crimson Thunder Ranger
The Big GuyDustin Brooks/Yellow Wind Ranger
The HeartBlake Bradley/Navy Thunder Ranger (has no character development beyond being Tori's love interest)
The ChickTori Hanson/Blue Wind Ranger
The Smart Guy/Sixth RangerCam Watanabe/Green Samurai Ranger
The Mentor/Team PetSensei Kanoi Watanabe (Mentor Mascot)

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
The LeaderMack Hartford/Red Ranger
The LancerWill Aston/Black Ranger
The Big GuyRonny Robinson/Yellow Ranger
The Smart Guy/The ChickRose Ortiz/Pink Ranger (Teen Genius)
The HeartDax Lo/Blue Ranger
Sixth RangerTyzonn/Mercury Ranger
The MentorAndrew Hartford

Power Rangers RPM (Lampshaded at one point with Tenaya 7 labeling four of the Rangers and Flynn labeling himself; we've included their terms)
The Leader ("the perfect one")Scott Truman/Ranger Red
The Lancer ("the brooding bad boy")Dillon/Ranger Black
The Big Guy ("I'M SCOTTISH!")Flynn McAllistair/Ranger Blue (Genius Bruiser, even if his smarts are outdone by Dr. K)
The Chick ("the girl")Summer Landsdown/Ranger Yellow
The Heart ("the clown")Ziggy Grover/Ranger Green (Non-Action Guy)
Sixth RangersGem/Ranger Gold and Gemma/Ranger Silver
The Smart Guy/Mission ControlDr. K (Claims to be the Mentor, but as Ziggy says, "Can someone please explain to her that she's younger than us?")

Power Rangers Samurai
The LeaderJayden/Red Ranger
The Big GuyKevin/Blue Ranger (potential Smart Guy as he sometimes thinks up new zord combinations)
The HeartMia Watanabe/Pink Ranger
The LancerMike/Green Ranger (potential Smart Guy as he comes up with unique battle tactics)
The ChickEmily /Yellow Ranger
The Smart Guy/Sixth RangerAntonio Garcia/Gold Ranger (the main Smart Guy as he does most of the work in providing new gear; shown more often than the other two's specialties)
The MentorJi

The Practice: Season 8
The LeaderAlan Shore
The LancersEugene Young and Ellenor Frutt
The Big GuyJimmy Berluti
The Smart GuyJamie Stringer
The Chick/The Dark ChickTara Wilson

Pretty Little Liars (before the series actually began)
The LeaderAlison DiLaurentis (until she died)
The LancerSpencer Hastings
The Big GuyEmily Fields (She is the athlete of the group.)
The Smart GuyAria Montgomery
The ChickHanna Marin

Prison Break: Season 4 - The "Scylla Team" fits this trope to a T, except there are again more than 5:
The LeaderMichael Scofield
The LancerAlex Mahone
The Big GuyLincoln Burrows
The Smart GuyRoland Glenn
The ChickSara Tancredi

Robin Hood
The LeaderRobin Hood
The LancerAllan A Dale
The Big GuyLittle John
The Smart GuysWill Scarlett and Djaq
The ChickMuch
Sixth RangerMarian

Robin of Sherwood
The LeaderRobin Hood
The LancerWill Scarlet
The Big GuyLittle John
The Smart GuyFriar Tuck
The ChicksMaid Marion (also an Action Girl) and Much (who's mostly useless)
Sixth RangersNasir and Robert of Huntingdon, the replacement Robin Hood


Season 1
The LeaderMax Evans
The LancerIsobel Evan
The Smart GuyLiz Parker
The Big GuyMichael Guerin
The ChickMaria Delucca
The Sixth RangerAlex Whitman
  • Note: Michael and Isobel occasionally switch roles depending on the episode's conflict.

Season 2-3
The LeaderMax Evans
The LancerMichael Guerin
The Smart GuyLiz Parker (also the "street smart" version of this in some episodes)
The Big GuyTess Harding (She may be the smallest member in size, but she has the personality and powers of a Big Guy.)
The ChicksMaria Delucca and Isobel Evans
The Sixth RangerKyle Valenti
The MentorJim Valenti
Team PetAlex Whitman (season 2), Jesse Ramirez (season 3)


Seasons 1-2
The LeaderHelen Magnus
The LancerAshley Magnus
The Smart GuyHenry Foss
The Big GuyBigfoot
The ChickWill Zimmerman

Season 3
The LeaderHelen Magnus
The LancerWill Zimmerman
The Smart GuyHenry Foss
The Big GuyBigfoot
The ChickKate Freelander

Saturday Night Live: The "Bad Boys of SNL" in the early 90s
The LeaderAdam Sandler
The LancerDavid Spade
The Big GuyChris Farley
The Smart GuyChris Rock
The ChickRob Schneider

SeaQuest 2032
The LeaderWolenczak
The LancerFord
The Big GuysDagwood and Piccolo
The Smart GuyO'Neill
The ChickHenderson
Sixth Ranger/Action GirlFredricks
Team PetDarwin
The MentorHudson
Team Dad/Guest-Star Party MemberBridger

Big GoodThe Duke of Wellington
The LeaderRichard Sharpe (obvious choice)
The LancerPatrick Harper (Sharpe's second and most trusted friend)
The Big GuyDaniel Hagman (not physically particularly big or strong, but the best shot in the group and the silent type)
The Smart GuyHarris (ex-teacher, he can read well and speaks multiple languages)
The ChickPerkins (the youngest of the group, therefore the least experienced, and the first of the five to die)

The LeaderSherlock Holmes
The LancerJohn Watson
The Big GuyGreg Lestrade
The Smart GuyMycroft Holmes
The ChicksMolly Hooper and Mrs. Hudson

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
The LeaderMatt Albie
The LancerDanny Tripp
The Big GuySimon Stiles
The Smart GuyCal
The ChickHarriet Hayes

Super Sentai

J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai
The LeaderGorō Sakurai/Spade Ace
The LancerRyū Higashi/Dia Jack
The ChickKaren Mizuki/Heart Queen
The Big GuyDaichi Bunta/Clover King
The Smart Guy/Sixth RangerSōkichi Banba/Big One

Choujuu Sentai Liveman
The LeaderYūsuke Amamiya/Red Falcon
The LancerJō Ōhara/Yellow Lion
The Smart Guy/The ChickMegumi Misaki/Blue Dolphin
The Big GuyTetsuya Yano/Black Bison
The HeartJunichi Aikawa/Green Rhino

Gosei Sentai Dairanger
The LeaderRyō/Ryū Ranger
The LancerDaigo/Shishi Ranger
The Big GuyShōji/Tenma Ranger
The Smart GuysKazu/Kirin Ranger and Rin/Hōō Ranger
The ChickRin, again
Sixth Ranger (Tagalong Kid)Kō/Kiba Ranger

Mirai Sentai Timeranger
The LeaderTatsuya Asami/Time Red
The ChickYuuri/Time Pink (sometimes The Lancer; technically she's the leader)
The LancerAyase/Time Blue
The Big GuyDomon/Time Yellow
The Smart Guy/Kid-Appeal CharacterSion/Time Green
Sixth RangerNaoto Takizawa/Time Fire
The Mentor/Team PetT.A.C.
Team (minor) PetTeam Roberta

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger
The LeaderBanban "Ban" Akaza/Deka Red
The LancerHouji "Hoji" Tomasu/Deka Blue
The Smart GuysSen'ichi "Sen-chan" Enari/Deka Green and Marika "Jasmine" Reimon/Deka Yellow
The HeartSen-chan, again
The ChickKoume "Umeko" Kodou/Deka Pink
The Big Guy/Sixth RangerTekkan "Tetsu" Aira/Deka Break
The Mentor/Team Dad/Sixth RangerDoggie "Boss" Kruger/Deka Master
Team MomSwan "Swan-san" Shiratori/Deka Swan

GoGo Sentai Boukenger
The LeaderSatoru Akashi/Bouken Red
The LancerMasumi Inou/Bouken Black
The Smart GuySouta Mogami/Bouken Blue
The Chick/Kid-Appeal CharacterNatsuki Mamiya/Bouken Yellow
The Big GuySakura Nishihori/Bouken Pink
Sixth RangerEiji Takaoka/Bouken Silver

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

The Heroes tribe who were eliminated pre-merge
The LeaderTom Westman
The LancerStephenie LaGrossa
The Big GuyJames Clement
The Smart GuyCirie Fields
The ChickSugar Kiper

The Heroes tribe during the merge
The LeaderJ.T. Thomas
The LancerColby Donaldson
The Big GuyRupert Boneham (who is also the Supporting Leader)
The Smart GuyAmanda Kimmel
The Chick and Sixth Ranger TraitorCandice Woodcock
Sixth RangerSandra Diaz-Twine