Five Man Band / Live-Action TV G to M
aka: Live Action TV-G-M

Galidor: Defenders Of The Outer Dimension
The LeaderNick
The LancerNepol
The Big GuyEuripides (Genius Bruiser/Gentle Giant)
The Smart GuyJens
The ChickAllegra

The LeaderJamal
The LancerLenni
The Big GuyAlex
The Smart GuyTina
The ChickGaby
Sixth RangerRob, then Hector
Tagalong KidCasey
Team PetGhostwriter


The original group of six
The LeaderRachel (who's also the main protagonist)
The LancerKurt (in his Deadpan Snarker role and as a constant foil to Rachel)
The Big GuyMercedes
The Smart GuyArtie
The ChickTina (in her stuttering phase)
The Mentor and Team MomWill
Sixth RangerFinn (who later upgrades to The Leader as well)

Season 2, Boys
The LeaderFinn
The LancerKurt
The Big GuyPuck
The Smart GuyArtie
The ChickMike
Sixth RangerSam
Sixth Ranger TraitorJesse (sold them out to VA)
Retired BadassMatt (relocated)
The MentorWill
Big Brother MentorBlaine

Season 2 Finale Roster, Girls
The LeaderRachel
The LancerSantana
The Big GuyMercedes
The Smart GuyQuinn
The ChickTina
Sixth RangerLauren
Tagalong KidBrittany
Sixth Ranger TraitorSunshine
The MentorEmma
Cool Big SisHolly

Season 3 Finale Roster, Girls
The LeaderRachel
The LancersTina and Santana
The Big GuyMercedes
The Smart GuyQuinn
The ChickBrittany
Sixth RangersSugar, the other former Troubletones
The MentorsEmma, Shelby (for the Troubletones), Shannon and Sue

Grey's Anatomy

First few seasons
The LeaderMeredith Grey
The LancerGeorge O'Malley
The Big GuyAlex Karev
The Smart GuyCristina Yang
The ChickIzzie Stevens

Later seasons
The LeaderMeredith Grey
The LancerChristina Yang
The Big GuyAlex Karev
The Smart GuyLexie Grey
The ChickGeorge O'Malley (after he dies at the end of season 5) and either Callie or Arizona

Groundling Marsh
The LeaderGalileo
The LancerHegdish
The Big GuyMud Slinger
The Smart GuyStacks
The ChickMaggie
The MentorEco
Sixth RangerCrystal

Happy Endings
The LeaderDave
The LancerMax
The Big GuyPenny
The Smart GuysBrad and Jane
The ChickAlex

Hawaii Five-0
The LeaderSteve
The LancerDanno
The Big GuyChin Ho
The ChickKono
The Smart GuyMax
Sixth RangersJenna, Lori (in Season 2)
Sixth Ranger TraitorJenna

The LeaderThe Sergeant
The LancerThe Village Bobby
The Big GuyPhil Bellamy
The Smart GuyAlf Ventress
The ChickThe Village Doctor
Sixth RangerThe Rookie Cop

Also the cast of the subplots:
The LeaderOscar Blaketon
The LancerThe Lovable Rogue
The Big GuyDavid Stockwell
The Smart GuyBernie Scripps
The ChickGina Ward

Hogan's Heroes
The LeaderHogan
The LancerNewkirk
The Big GuyCarter (bombs instead of fisticuffs)
The Smart GuyKinch
The ChickLebeau
Team PetSchulz (Lebeau at one point claims he "sits up and begs for my strudel".)

How I Met Your Mother
The LeaderTed
The LancerBarney
The Big GuyMarshall
The Smart GuyRobin
The ChickLily
Sixth RangerThe Mother

The LeaderCommander Henderson
The LancerFirst officer York
The Big GuyDiplomatic Officer Teal
The Smart GuysJeffers and Vine
The ChickSandstrom

Imagination Movers
The LeaderRich
The LancerSmitty
The Big GuyScott (in terms of smarts, that is)
The Smart GuyDave
The ChickNina (not an official Mover, but always part of solving the problem)
Team PetWarehouse Mouse

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Lampshaded in "The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis," in which everyone in the gang tries to find out which archetype they are. The terms below are the ones they used.)
The LooksDennis
The Wild CardCharlie
The MuscleFrank
The BrainsMac
The Useless ChickDee

The LeaderJake Green
The LancerEric Green
The Big GuyStanley Richmond
The Smart GuyRobert Hawkins
The ChicksEmily Sullivan (technically speaking) and Mimi Clark
The MentorJohnston Green, sometimes Robert Hawkins
Tagalong KidDale Turner (though this role could also fit Mimi Clark and/or Heather Lisinski as well)

Johnny and the Sprites
The LeaderJohnny
The LancerGwen
The Big GuyGinger
The Smart GuyBasil
The ChickLily
Kid-Appeal CharacterRoot
Sixth RangerSeymour
The MentorSage
Team PetFuzzies

The LeaderJoe Lucas
The LancerKevin Lucas
The Smart GuyNick Lucas
The Big GuyMacy Misa (with elements of The Chick)
The ChickStella Malone

Kamen Rider Den-O: Human and Imagin main characters
The LeaderRyotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O (also functions as The Heart)
The LancerMomotaros
The Smart GuyUrataros
The Big GuyKintaros
Kid-Appeal CharacterRyutaros
The ChickHana/Kohana Sakurai (Action Girl)
Sixth RangersYuto Sakurai/Kamen Rider Zeronos and Deneb (also functions as The Heart)
11th-Hour RangerSieg

Kamen Rider OOO
The LeaderEiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO
The LancerAnkh
The Big GuyAkira Date/Kamen Rider Birth (1)
The Smart GuyShintaro Gotou/Kamen Rider Birth (2)
The ChickHina Izumi

Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire
The Leader (Only Sane Man)Kröd Mändoon
The Lancer (Action Girl)Aneka
The Big Guy (Dumb Muscle)Loquasto
The Smart GuyZezelryk
The Chick (Camp Gay)Bruce

Land of the Giants
The LeaderCaptain Steve Burton
The LancerDan Erickson
The Big GuyAlexander Fitzhugh
The Smart GuyMark Wilson (could also be considered a Lancer)
The ChicksValerie Scott and Betty Hamilton
Tagalong KidBarry Lockridge
Team PetChipper

The LeaderSportacus
The LancerStingy
The Big GuyTrixie
The Smart GuyPixel
The ChickStephanie (subversion, as she's the main character)
Tagalong KidZiggy

The League
The LeaderPete
The LancerKevin
The Smart GuyRuxin
The Big GuyTaco
The ChickAndre
Sixth RangerJenny
Sixth Ranger TraitorRafi
Tag Along KidEllie
Team DadRupert Ruxin
Cool Big SisHeather
Team PetCale

Lie to Me
The LeaderRia Torres
The LancerDr. Cal Lightman
The Big GuyBen Reynolds
The Smart GuyDr. Gillian Foster
The ChickEli Loker
Tagalong KidEmily Lightman
  • You can kind of switch the roles of Cal and Ria depending on the episode — and they do also have a mentor/student relationship going on. Same probably goes for Foster and Loker, because he is definitely The Chick in terms of 'not good at anything much' and 'there to look pretty', but Foster is definitely the most empathetic character.


The fan-nicknamed "A-Team" in Seasons 1-3:
The LeaderJack Shephard
The LancerJohn Locke (briefly Ana Lucia Cortez in season 2)
The Big GuyJames "Sawyer" Ford
The Smart GuySayid Jarrah
The ChickKate Austen

Season 5 (Off the Island)
The LeaderJack
The LancerKate
The Big GuySayid
The Smart GuyBen Linus (also the Token Evil Teammate)
The Chicks]]Sun Kwon and Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Sixth RangerDesmond Hume

Season 5 (On the Island)
The LeaderJim LeFleur (Sawyer)
The LancerJuliet Burke
The Big GuyMiles Straume
The Smart GuyDaniel Faraday
The ChickCharlotte Lewis
Sixth RangerJin-Soo Kwon

Season 6 (Ilana's Group)
The LeaderIlana Verdansky
The LancerBen (also the Token Evil Teammate)
The Big GuyFrank Lapidus
The Smart GuyMiles
The ChickSun

Season 6 ("The Final Four" + Ben from the last 2 episodes)
The LeaderJack Shephard
The LancerKate Austen
The Big GuyJames "Sawyer" Ford
The Smart Guy/Token Evil TeammateBen Linus
The Chick/The HeartHugo "Hurley" Reyes

The six principal Oceanic 815 survivors are arguably the overall 5-man band, throughout the entire series, with several minor bands being formed during various periods. Bear in mind that everyone's roles switch frequently, but this is the general layout:
The LeaderJack Shephard
The LancerKate Austen
The Big GuyJames "Sawyer" Ford
The Smart GuySayid Jarrah
The ChickHugo "Hurley" Reyes
Sixth RangerJohn Locke

The Love Boat
The LeaderCaptain Merrill Stubing, "Your Captain"
The LancerDr. Adam "Doc" Bricker, "Your Ship's Doctor"
The Big GuyIsaac Washington, "Your Bartender"
The Smart GuyBurl "Gopher" Smith, "Your Yeoman Purser"
The ChickJulie McCoy, "Your Cruise Director" (later Judy McCoy)
Tag Along KidVicki Stubing
Sixth RangerAshley "Ace" Covington Evans "Your Ship's Photographer"

Maid Marian and Her Merry Men
The LeaderMarian
The LancerLittle Ron
The Big GuyRabies
The Smart GuyBarrington
The ChickRobin of Kensington


Earlier seasons
The LeaderHawkeye
The LancerTrapper John
The Big GuyHenry (also a Big Brother Mentor)
The Smart Guy/Tagalong KidRadar (became less of the former and more of the latter as the show went on)
The ChickMargaret
The HeartFather Mulcahy
The Load/The RivalFrank
Sixth RangerKlinger

Later seasons
The LeaderHawkeye
The LancerB.J.
The Big GuyKlinger
The Smart GuyCharles
The ChickMargaret
The HeartFather Mulcahy
Team DadPotter


Seasons 1-2
The LeaderNathan
The LancerCurtis
The Big GuyKelly (a rare female example)
The Smart GuySimon
The ChickAlisha
The Sixth RangerNikki (sort of)
  • Both Curtis and Kelly also have aspects of The Heart.

Season 3
The LeaderSimon
The LancerRudy
The Big GuyCurtis
The Smart GuyKelly
The ChickAlisha
Sixth RangerSeth

Mission: Impossible
The LeaderBriggs, then Phelps
The LancerRollin, then Paris (In the first season, Rollin frequently acted as The Leader.)
The Big GuyWilly
The Smart GuyBarney (in the last two seasons, then Barney became The Lancer)
The ChickCinnamon, then others
  • It should be noted that unlike her replacements, Cinnamon was only The Chick by gender.

The Muppet Show: The Electric Mayhem
The LeaderDr. Teeth
The LancerFloyd
The Smart GuyZoot
The Big GuyAnimal
The ChickJanice
Sixth RangerLips

Muppets Tonight: "The Real World: Muppets"
The LeaderClifford
The LancerRizzo
The Big GuyBobo
The Smart GuyBill
The ChickDarci

The Muppets: The Big Five
The LeaderKermet
The LancerGonzo
The Smart GuyFozzie
The Big GuyAnimal
TheBigChickMiss Piggy

Murphy Brown
The LeaderMurphy
The LancerFrank
The Big GuyJim
The Smart GuyMiles
The ChickCorky
The MentorsEldin, Phil

The Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nóg
The LeaderRohan (Fire)
The LancerAngus (Earth)
The Smart GuyPrince Ivar (Water)
The ChickPrincess Deirdre (Air)
The Big Guy (in his own mind, at least)/Sixth RangerGarrett (Forest)
Team PetPyre the Dragon

My Babysitter's a Vampire
The LeaderEthan
The LancerBenny
The Big GuySarah
The Smart GuyRory
The ChickErica

The LeaderAdam
The LancerJamie
The Big GuyTory (used most often for the athletic and/or dangerous tests)
The Smart Guys]]Grant and Scottie (who was also the Wrench Wench)
The ChickKari
Team PetBuster