Five Man Band / Live-Action TV A to F
aka: Live Action TV-A-F

The LeaderDr. Rosen
The LancerNina
The Big GuyBill and Hicks
The Smart GuyGary
The ChickRachel

American Idol:

Season 8
The LeaderSimon Cowell
The LancerRyan Seacrest
The Big GuyRandy Jackson
The ChickPaula Abdul
The Smart GuyKara DioGuardi

Season 9
The LeaderSimon Cowell
The LancerRyan Seacrest
The Big GuyRandy Jackson
The Smart GuyKara DioGuardi
The ChickEllen DeGeneres

Seasons 10-11
The LeaderRyan Seacrest
The Big Guy Randy Jackson
The LancerSteven Tyler
The Smart GuyJimmy Lovine
The Chick / The HeartJennifer Lopez

America's Next Top Model

Cycle 1
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancersKimora Lee Simmons and Janice Dickinson
The ChickBeau Quillian
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 2
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancerJanice Dickinson
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The HeartNigel Barker
The ChickEric Nicholson
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycles 3-4
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancerJanice Dickinson
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The HeartNigel Barker
The ChickNole Marin
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycles 5-9
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancerNigel Barker
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The ChickTwiggy
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycles 10-12
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancerNigel Barker
The Big GuyJ. Alexander
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The ChickPaulina Porizkova
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycles 14-17
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancerNigel Barker
The Big GuyAndre Leon Talley
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The ChickJ. Alexander
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 18
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancerNigel Barker
The Big GuyKelly Cutrone
The Smart GuyJay Manuel
The ChickJ. Alexander
Sixth RangerThe guest judges

Cycle 19
The LeaderTyra Banks
The LancerKelly Cutrone
The Big GuyRob Evans
The Smart GuyJohnny Wujek
The ChickBryan Boy

The LeaderDylan Hunt
The LancerBeka Valentine
The Big GuyTyr Anasazi, later Telemachus Rhade
The Smart GuySeamus Harper
The ChickTrance Gemini
The MentorRev Bem
Action GirlRommie

Angel (Seasons 1-4)
The LeaderAngel
The LancerDoyle (first 10 episodes), Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
The Big GuyCharles Gunn
The Smart GuyWesley for Magic/Demon related research and Fred Burkle for science and technology
The ChickCordelia Chase
Tagalong KidConnor (also a Sixth Ranger after a plot-relevant age-up)

The Aquabats! Super Show!
The LeaderMC Bat Commander
The LancerEaglebones Falconhawk (although Crash is second in command, Eaglebones fits the trope more closely, and Crash fits the big guy trope)
The Big GuyCrash Mc Larson
The Smart GuyJimmy the Robot
The ChickRicky Fitness (with his adorkable OCD)

The A-Team
The LeaderHannibal
The LancerFace
The Big GuyB. A. Baracus
The Smart GuyMurdock (if anything for his skills in infiltration and being an aircraft pilot)
The ChickAmy (first two seasons), later Tawnia
Sixth RangerFrankie Santana (season five)

Babylon 5: Command Staff
The LeaderSheridan
The LancerIvanova
The Big GuyGaribaldi
The Smart GuyFranklin
The ChickDelenn

Band of Brothers (Roles vary depending on episode)
The LeaderMaj. Winters
The Lancer1st Sgt Lipton/Lt. Compton
The Big GuyCapt. Speirs
The Smart GuyCpt. Nixon (the intelligence officer)
The Chick/The MedicCpl. Roebuck

Barney Miller
The LeaderBarney
The LancerYemana, later Harris
The Big GuyWojo
The Smart GuyHarris, later Dietrich
The ChickLiz (Barney's wife), later (while both Yemana and Dietrich were on the squad) Harris
Tagalong KidLevitt
The MentorLuger (subverted in that he's terrible at it)

Battlestar Galactica (1978): The pilots
The LeaderApollo (leads the pilots)
The LancerStarbuck (Number Two)
The Smart GuyBoomer (has technical knowledge)
The Big GuyJolly (is the biggest)
The ChickSheba (the female pilot)

Battlestar Galactica (2003): The Final Five Cylons
The LeaderSaul Tigh
The LancerEllen Tigh
The Big GuySamuel Anders
The Smart GuyGalen Tyrol
The ChickTory Foster

Black Hole High
The LeaderJosie
The LancerLucas
The Big GuyVaughn
The Smart GuyMarshall
The ChickCorrine
The MentorProfessor Z

Blake's 7

Series 1 and 2
The LeaderBlake
The LancerAvon
The Big GuyGan, until his death
The Smart GuyVila
The ChickJenna series 1, Cally series 2
The Sixth RangerCally series 1
The MentorZen
Team PetOrac

Series 3 and 4
The LeaderAvon
The LancerTarrant
The Big GuyDayna
The Smart GuyVila
The ChickCally in series 3, Soolin in series 4
The MentorZen in series 3
Team PetOrac

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future
The LeaderCaptain Jonathan Power
The LancerMajor Matthew 'Hawk' Masterson
The Big GuyLieutenant Michael 'Tank' Ellis
The Smart GuySergeant Robert 'Scout' Baker
The ChickCorporal Jennifer 'Pilot' Chase


La Patrulla Salvadora
The LeaderDaniel
The LancerPablo
The Big GuyJaime
The Smart GuyDavid
The ChicksCirilo and Mario
The Sixth RangersAdrian and Kokimoto
Sixth Ranger TraitorJorge

The Girls
The LeaderValeria
The LancerMaria Joaquina
The Big GuyLaura
The Smart GuyCarmen
The ChicksMargarita and Marcelina
The Sixth RangersAlicia and Bibi

Deadwood: Al and his inner circle
The LeaderAl Swearengen
The LancerDan Dority
The Big GuyJohnny Burns
The Smart GuySilas Adams
The ChickTrixie
The Sixth RangerE.B. Farnum (at times)

El Chavo del ocho

The Kids
The LeaderChavo
The LancerQuico
The Big GuyNono
The Smart GuyChilindrina
The ChickPopis
The Sixth RangerGodinez

The Adults
The LeaderDon Ramon
The LancerDona Florinda
The Big GuySenor Barriga
The Smart GuyProfesor Jirafales
The ChickDona Clotilde
The Sixth RangerJaimito

The LeaderGareth (No, really!)
The LancerEverton
The Big GuyGustave
The Smart GuyLucinda, later Alphonse
The ChickJanice (subverted in that she's an extremely capable businesswoman)

Clueless (the series)
The LeaderCher
The LancerDionne
The Big GuyMurray
The Smart GuySean
The ChickAmber

The LeaderHayden
The LancerLuther
The Big GuyDauber
The Smart GuyHoward (by process of elimination)
The ChickChristine (the only female character that lasted the whole run of the show)

The LeaderJeff
The LancerBritta/Pierce
The Smart GuyAbed
The Big GuyTroy
The ChickAnnie/Britta
Team MomShirley
Token Evil TeammatePierce

Criminal Minds
The LeaderAaron Hotchner
The LancerJason Gideon, followed by David Rossi
The Big GuyDerek Morgan
The Smart GuySpencer Reid and Penelope Garcia
The ChickJennifer "JJ" Jareau
The Sixth RangerElle Greenaway, followed by Emily Prentiss
  • Varies A Lot: The Big Guy, Smart Guy, and Chick roles on this show get traded around more often than you'd expect, and there's generally a whole lotta subvertin' goin' on, but the pattern does hold more often than not.


After Season 8, which had cast members leaving or dying.
The LeaderCatherine Willows, then D.B.Russell.
The LancerRiley Adams, later Morgan Brody
The Big GuyNick Stokes
The Smart GuyRay Langston or Sara Sidle, sometimes DB Russell
The ChickGreg Sanders
The MentorDB Russell

Czterej Pancerin i Pies (a Polish TV series; the English translation of the title is Four Tank-Men and a Dog)
The LeaderJanek
The LancerGregoriy
The Big GuyGustlik
The Smart GuyOlgierd
The ChickMarusia
Sixth RangerTomuś

Danger 5
The LeaderTucker
The LancerJackson
The Big GuyIlsa
The Smart GuyClaire
The ChickPierre

Doctor Who: The 12-episode mammoth The Dalek's Master Plan (the only episode to actually get there - The Chase got rid of Barbara and Ian before adding Steven, so it doesn't really count)
The LeaderThe Doctor
The LancerBret Vyon
The Smart GuySteven
The ChickKatarina
The Big GuySara Kingdom

Eureka: Season 4, in which these five characters become separated from the group for a big reason
The LeaderJack Carter
The LancerAllison Blake
The Big GuyJo Lupo
The Smart GuyHenry Deacon
The ChickDouglas Fargo
Sixth RangerTrevor Grant (after he gets brought back from 1947)

Fantastic Journey
The LeaderVarian (also aspects of The Smart Guy and The Medic)
The LancerWillaway (also aspects of The Smart Guy)
The Big GuyFred (also aspects of The Smart Guy and The Medic)
The Smart GuyLianna (also aspects of The Chick)
The ChickScott (also Tagalong Kid)
Team PetSil-El

Firefly (before the series began)
The LeaderMal
The LancerZoe
The Big GuyJayne
The Smart GuyWash and Kaylee
The ChickInara
Sixth RangerRiver, Simon, Shepherd Book

Fraggle Rock
The LeaderGobo
The LancerWembley
The Big GuyRed (an athletic Tomboy; sometimes The Lancer)
The Smart GuyMokey
The ChickBoober (Neat Freak and Non-Action Guy)

The LeaderOlivia Dunham
The LancerPeter Bishop
The Big GuyCharlie Francis (before his death in Season 2)
The Smart GuyWalter Bishop
The ChickAstrid Farnsworth
Team PetGene the cow