Five Man Band / Comic Books
Can you guess which is which? note 

The Five-Man Band is a group of characters whose members fall into archetypes which all complement one another. They are a very specific team with skills that contribute to the group in a unique way. Here are some places where the trope occurs in comic books:

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The original Avengers
The LeaderThor
The LancerIron Man
The Smart GuyAnt-Man
The Big GuyHulk
The ChickWasp
Sixth RangerCaptain America

Avengers Academy Teaching Staff
The LeaderJustice
The LancerTigra
The Smart GuyGiant-Man
The Big GuyQuicksilver
The ChickSpeedball

     X-Men and all related teams 

X-Men (Blue Team)
The LeaderCyclops
The LancerGambit
The Big GirlRogue
The HeartWolverine
The ChickPsylocke
Kid-Appeal CharacterJubilee

X-Men (Gold Team)
The LeaderStorm
The LancerArchangel
The Big GuyColossus
The Smart GuyIceman
The ChickJean Grey

New X-Men (Grant Morrison run)
The LeaderCyclops
The LancerJean Grey
The Big GuyWolverine
The Smart GuyBeast
The ChickEmma Frost
Sixth RangerXorn
Tagalong KidBeak

Astonishing X-Men
The LeaderCyclops
The LancerEmma Frost
The Big GuyWolverine
The Smart GuyBeast
The ChickKitty Pryde
Sixth RangerColossus
Tagalong KidArmor

Post House of M New X-Men
The LeaderSurge
The LancerHellion
The Big GuyRockslide
The Smart Guy(s)Elixir and later Prodigy
The ChickDust
Sixth RangerX-23

Big GoodValerie Cooper
The LeaderHavok
The LancerPolaris
The Smart GuyQuicksilver
The Big GuyStrong Guy
The ChickWolfsbane
The Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth RangerMultiple Man

The LeaderWolverine
The LancerArchangel
The Smart GuyX-23
The Big GuyWarpath
The ChickWolfsbane and later Elixir
Sixth RangerDomino

Uncanny X-Force
The LeaderWolverine
The LancerArchangel
The Smart GuyFantomex
The Big GuySelf DemonstratingDeadpool
The ChickPsylocke

The LeaderThe Orphan/Mr. Sensitive, Zeitgeist (originally)
The LancerThe Anarchist (was actually even designed to look like the lone wolf with an attitude problem; Dead Girl is the friendlier variant)
The Big GuyPhat
The Smart GuyVivisector (For a guy whose mutation basically makes him a werewolf, he's still mostly useful to the team in an intellectual capacity)
The ChickU-Go Girl and Venus Dee Milo
Sixth RangerEl Guapo
Sixth Ranger TraitorThe Spike (originally a secondary Big Guy and the best melee fighter in the group, he betrayed the team several times in his desire to become the leader)
Team PetDoop (It's not exactly clear what he is, precisely, but what is known is that he can go toe-to-toe with Thor and speaks his own language (with its own unique alphabet) and looks like a flying potato with arms.)

Ultimate X-Men
The LeaderCyclops
The LancerWolverine
The Smart GuyBeast
The Big GuyColossus, sometimes Storm
The ChickJean (but not useless)
The MentorXavier
Tagalong KidIceman

Generation Hope
The LeaderHope Summers
The LancerGabriel, who doubles as a love interest
The Big GuyTeon
The Smart GuyLaurie
The ChickIdie
Sixth RangerKenji

    Archie Comics 
Archie: The main group:
The LeaderArchie Andrews
The LancerJughead Jones
The Smart GuyBetty Cooper
The Big GuyReggie Mantle
The ChickVeronica Lodge

Archie: When it's just the girls:
The LeaderBetty Cooper
The LancerVeronica Lodge
The Smart GuyNancy Woods
The Big GuyEthel Muggs
The ChickMidge Klump
Sixth RangerCheryl Blossom

Josie and the Pussycats
The LeaderJosie Jones
The LancerAlexander and Alexandra Cabot
The Smart GuyValerie Smith
The Big GuyAlan M. Mayberry
The ChickMelody Valentine
Team PetSebastian

She's Josie
The LeaderJosie Jones
The LancerAlexander Cabot
The Smart GuyPepper
The Big GuySock
The HeartAlbert
The ChickMelody Valentine
Sixth RangerAlexandra Cabot

Katy Keene
The LeaderKaty Keene
The LancerGloria Granbilt
The Smart GuyRandy van Ronson
The Big GuyK.O. Kelly
The ChickLucki Lorelei
Tagalong KidSis Keene

Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog: Things have changed over time. From issue #3:
The LeaderSonic the Hedgehog
The LancerSally Acorn
The Smart GuyRotor Walrus
The Big GuyBunnie Rabbot
The ChickAntoine D'Coolette
Tagalong KidTails
Team MomRosie
Sixth RangerKnuckles (from #26)
Things evolved with character development to #177, when spinal injuries forced Rotor from active duty: Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog (from issue #177)
The LeaderSonic the Hedgehog
The LancerTails
The Big GuyBunnie D'Coolette (née Rabbot) & Antoine D'Coolette
The Smart GuyPrincess Sally, who is also the Big Good
The ChickAmy Rose
The MentorRotor Walrus
  • The Chaotix in the Archie Comics are similar to the Fleetway version sans Mentor and sans Sonic.

Wilbur Comics
The LeaderWilbur Wilkin
The LancerLinda Moore
The Smart GuyRed
The Big GuySlats
The ChickLaurie Lake

Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens
The LeaderMarceline
The LancerKeila
The Smart GuyGuy
The Big GuyBongo
The ChickPrincess Bubblegum

Agents of Atlas
The LeaderJimmy Woo
The LancerGorilla Man
The Smart GuyMarvel Boy
The Big Guy(s)M-11, The Human Robot
The ChickVenus
Sixth RangerNamora

Dirty Half-Dozen from Annihilation: Conquest
The LeaderPeter Quill (the jaded ex-superhero)
The Lancer(s)Captain Universe and Bug (the idealistic rookie and the lady-lovin' loverbug)
The Smart GuyRocket Racoon (the quick-witted anthropomorphic animal)
The Big GuyGroot (the giant plant who cares only for honor)
The ChickMantis (the self-proclaimed savior of the universe)
Sixth RangerDeathcry (who was an original member, but still a disembler)

The Atomic Knights
The LeaderGardner Grayle: Leader of the Atomic Knights
The LancerDouglas Herald: Schoolteacher
The Big GuyWayne and Hollis Hobard: Identical twins, former soldiers and loyal Atomic Knights
The Smart GuyBryndon: One of the last scientists on Earth
The ChickMarene Herald: Douglas's sister

Batman Family
The LeaderBatman
The LancerNightwing
The Smart GuyRobin, also Oracle
The Big GuyBatgirl
The ChickAlfred (being the one who cleans up after them, is medically skilled, and often settles emotional disputes. A truly awesome Team Mom)

Birds of Prey (classic)
The LeaderBlack Canary
The LancerHuntress
The Smart GuyOracle
The Big GuyCreote
The ChickSavant, also Vixen
Team DadWildcat

Birds of Prey (new series)
The LeaderBlack Canary
The LancerHuntress
The Smart GuyOracle
The Big GuyHawk (Lady Blackhawk probably fits here as well)
The ChickDove

The LeaderThorn Harvestar
The LancerPhoney Bone
The Smart GuyFone Bone
The Big GuyRose "Gran'ma" Ben
The ChickSmiley Bone
Team PetBartleby

The Boys
The LeaderBilly Butcher
The LancerMother's Milk
The Big GuyThe Female (Subversion: Is an unassuming young woman), Frenchie
The Smart GuyMother's Milk
The ChickWee Hughie
Team PetJamie (Wee Hughie's hamster) or Terror (Butcher's bulldog)
The Boys spin-off Herogasm issue #3 has a picture of the Fantastic Four parody Fantastico as a band with their version of Mr. Fantastic as the lead singer, Human Torch clone as the guitarist, Doofer (Thing-like being) as the drummer and Invisi-lass as the bassplayer:

The Challengers of the Unknown
The LeaderAce Morgan
The LancerRed Ryan
The Big GuyRocky Davis
The Smart GuyProf Haley
The ChickJune Robbins or Corinna Stark

The LeaderAmber
The LancerSurge
The Big GuyTank
The Smart GuySham
The ChickRainbow
Team PetSnafu

Doom Patrol (Grant Morrison lineup)
The LeaderRobotman/Cliff Steele
The LancerLarry Trainor/Dr. Poole/Rebis
The Big GuyCrazy Jane/Kay Challis (at least in most personalities.)
The Smart GuyTempest/Joshua Clay
The ChickDorothy Spinner
The MentorThe Chief/Doctor Caulder
Sixth RangerDanny The Street

The Doom Patrol (2003)
The LeaderRobotman
The LancerFever (a spacey Cloudcuckoolander and Naïve Everygirl)
The Big GuyFreak (basically the only person besides Robotman with particularly physical powers.)
The Smart GuyNegative Man (originally called Flash Forward, but whose biting sarcasm and pessimism soon earned him a new codename)
The ChickKid Slick (mostly due to how mellow and introspective he is)

Dynamo5: after their powers changed:
The LeaderSupervision (formerly Scrap)
The LancerWraith (formerly Myriad)
The Big GuyRamjet (formerly Scatterbrain)
The Smart GuySmasher (formerly Visionary)
The ChickMenagerie (formerly Slingshot)
Sink-or-Swim Mentorstill Maddie Warner

The Filth
The LeaderNed Slade
The LancerCameron Spector (or Greg Feely)
The Smart GuyMoog Mercury
The Big GuyDmitri-9
The ChickMiami Nil

First God Squad
The LeaderHercules
The LancerAmadeus Cho
The Smart GuyAjak
The Big GuyDemogorge
The ChickSnowbird
Token Evil TeammateAmatsu-Mikaboshi
Team Pet, The MoleKirby

Get Fuzzy (Only in one story arc)
The LeaderBucky Katt
The LancerMac Manc Mcmanx
The Smart GuyShakespug
The Big GuyFoodar
The ChickSatchel Pooch
The HeartChubby Huggs

Green Lantern
The LeaderHal Jordan
The LancerKyle Rayner
The Smart GuyJohn Stewart
The Big GuyKilowog
The ChickSoranik Natu
Sixth RangerGuy Gardner
The MentorGanthet
And during Blackest Night:
The LeaderHal Jordan
The LancerSinestro
The Smart GuyIndigo-1
The Big GuyAtrocitus
The ChickCarol Ferris
Kid-Appeal CharacterLarfleeze (though, in a subversion, he's probably the oldest.)
The HeartSaint Walker

The LeaderHellboy (of course)
The LancerAbe Sapien
The Smart GuyJohann Kraus (Arguably. Abe Sapien also fills this role)
The Big GuyRoger the Homoculus
The ChickLiz Sherman

The Invisibles
The LeaderKing Mob (also The Mentor)
The LancerJack Frost
The Big GuyBoy (later Jolly Roger)
The Smart GuyLord Fanny
The ChickRagged Robin

Justice League of America: Year One
The LeaderThe Flash
The LancerGreen Lantern
The Big GuyAquaman
The Smart GuyMartian Manhunter
The ChickBlack Canary
Sixth RangerGreen Arrow
Tagalong Kid"Snapper" Carr

Knights of the Old Republic (the comic spin-off, not the games)
The LeaderZayne Carrick
The LancerGryph Hierogryph
The Big GuyElbee (T1-LB)
The Smart GuyCamper (Gorman Vandrayk)
The ChickJarael
Sixth RangerRohlan

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (19th Century)
The LeaderWilhelmina Murray
The LancerAllan Quatermain
The Big GuyDr. Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde
The Smart GuyCaptain Nemo
The Chick/Token Evil TeammateHawley Griffin

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (20th Century)
The LeaderWilhelmina Murray
The LancerAllan Quatermain
The Big GuyA.J. Raffles
The Smart GuyThomas Carnacki
The ChickOrlando

The Legion of Super-Heroes (core team)
The LeaderCosmic Boy
The LancerSaturn Girl (originally), then Lightning Lad
The Big GuySuperboy, Mon-El, or Supergirl (depending on the era)
The Smart GuyBrainiac 5
The ChickLightning Lad (originally), then Saturn Girl

The LeaderStem Cell (Despite being the team's resident tech specialist)
The LancerHollowpoint Ninja (The "stealthy loner" type)
The Big GuyGothic Lolita (Actually the smallest, but she's still "500 adorable pounds of beat-em-upness".)
The Smart GuyCornfed (A Genius Bruiser who rarely gets physical, he's mostly just The Medic, despite his Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness)
The ChickSocial Butterfly (Programmed to read social cues like a book, she's a master of the Jedi Mind Trick. Did we mention the pheromones?)

The LeaderAlice of Wonderland (A jaded warrior from another world and the hand of the Queen)
The LancerJim Hawkins (A hotheaded pirate with a parrot and a living sword)
The Big GuyRed (a confrontational little fox-girl who can take on aspects of the wolf)
The Smart GuyCheshire Cat (a Deadpan Snarker who always knows what he's talking about)
The ChickPiper (The adopted son of Pied Piper) (Quiet, emotional virtuoso who plays enchanted music and has a fate intertwined with Alice's)
The Tagalong KidPinocchio (Until he was Touched by Vorlons, he was almost The Millstone)
Sixth Ranger TraitorMilady (An arrogant French swordswoman who stole the swords, and souls, of the Three Musketeers before setting her sights on Jim)

Metal Men
The LeaderGold
The LancerMercury
The Smart GuyTin
The Big Guy(s)Iron and Lead
The ChickPlatinum
Sixth RangerCopper
Team DadDoc Magnus

Modern Guardians of the Galaxy First Team
The LeaderStar Lord
The LancerRocket Racoon
The Smart GuyAdam Warlock
The Big GuyDrax, Gamora (is a Big Girl)
The ChickSubverted with Quasar
Team PetRocket Racoon
Second Team
The LeaderRocket Racoon
The Lancer(s)Cosmo and Major Victory
The Smart GuyMantis
The Big GuyGroot
The ChickBug

The Omega Men (original lineup)
The LeaderPrimus
The LancerTigorr
The Big GuyBroot
The Smart GuyNimbus
The ChickKalista

The LeaderElijah Snow
The LancerJakita Wagner
The Smart GuyThe Drummer
The Big GuyAmbrose Chase
Sixth RangerJim Wilder

Pride High
The LeaderKid Mischief
The LancerScotch Bonnet
The Smart GuyChip Cheetah
The Big GuyUnison
The ChickSuravi
Sixth RangerKid Olympus

The Sandman - The Endless
The LeaderDream
The LancerDeath
The Big GuyDespair
The Smart GuyDesire
The ChickDelirium
Sixth RangerDestruction
Team DadDestiny

Scare Tactics
The LeaderFang
The LancerScreamqueen
The Smart GuySlither
The Big GuyGrossout
The ChickSlither (pulling double duty)
The MentorArnie Burnsteel

The LeaderNightmaster (Initially), then Blue Devil (stepped up)
The LancerRagman
The Smart GuyDetective Chimp
The Big GuyBlue Devil, followed by Nightmaster
The ChickNightshade
Sixth RangerEnchantress and/or Zauriel

Sonic the Comic: the Chaotix Crew when they're teamed with either Sonic or Knuckles:
The LeaderSonic the Hedgehog or Knuckles the Echidna
The LancerEspio the Chamelion (Nack before his Face–Heel Turn)
The Smart GuyVector the Crocodile
The Big GuyMighty the Armadillo
The ChickCharmy the Bee
The MentorThe Omni-Viewer

The LeaderQuinlan Vos
The LancerAayla Secura
The Smart GuyMaster Tholme
The Big GuyVilmarh Grahrk
The ChickKhaleen Hentz

Supreme Power
The LeaderHyperion (If a real person tried to be The Cape...)
The LancerNighthawk (Darker and Edgier than any of the others. Has a huge problem with Hyperion.)
The Big GuyShape (Mentally Handicapped Superstrong Rubber Man
The Smart GuyDoc Spectrum (Snarky wielder of a proto-Green Lantern Ring that sometimes has control over him)
The ChickThe Blur (Fragile Speedster with no direction in his life)
Team PetThe Amphibian (Naive Raised by nobody Wild Child)
Sixth RangerZarda (Ax-Crazy Stalker with a Crush with a few full frontal assaults to her name)
Token Evil TeammateEmil Zebediah Burbank (Evil Genius and Smartest Man on the Planet.)

Founding Teen Titans
The LeaderRobin
The LancerAqualad
The Big GuyWonder Girl
The Smart GuyKid Flash
The ChickWonder Girl
Sixth RangerSpeedy

New 52 Teen Titans
The LeaderRed Robin
The LancerKid Flash
The Big GuyWonder Girl
The Smart GuyBunker
The ChickSolstice
Sixth Ranger Superboy and Skitter

Terra Obscura (Volume II)
The LeaderDr. Tom Strange (he's the viewpoint character this time around)
The LancerPrincess Pantha (fills the void left by both Tom's sidekick Mike and his girlfriend Virginia)
The Big Guy(s)Thoth (Scarab) and Set (Mystico)
The Smart GuyThe Ghost (takes a more active role in this story)
The ChickMiss Masque
Team PetAdam the Ape

post Civil War Thunderbolts
The LeaderSongbird
The LancerMoonstone
The Big GuyVenom
The Smart GuyRadioactive Man
The ChickPenance
Psycho for HireBullseye
Mission ControlNorman Osborn

The LeaderTintin
The LancerCaptain Archibald Haddock
The Smart GuyProfessor Cuthbert Calculus
The Big GuysThomson and Thompson
The Chick/Team PetSnowy

Tom Strong and America's Best
The LeaderTom Strong
The LancerGreyshirt
The Big GuyJohnny Future (later replaced by his niece, JONNI Future)
The Smart GuyJack B. Quick
The ChickCobweb (Clarice too, obviously)
Plucky Comic ReliefSplash Brannigan
Sixth Ranger TraitorPromethea (subverted in that she's not evil; her destiny puts her at odds with the rest of the team)

The LeaderWill
The LancerCornelia
The Smart GuyTaranee
The Big GuyIrma
Kid-Appeal CharacterHay Lin
Sixth RangerOrube

Young Avengers
The LeaderPatriot
The LancerHawkeye
The Smart GuyVision
The Big Guy(s)Hulkling and Stature
The ChickWiccan
Sixth RangerSpeed

Young Justice
The LeaderRobin
The LancerSuperboy (whose mood swings often throw the team for a loop, and Wonder Girl, who actually becomes leader later on.)
The Big Guy(s)Li'l Lobo/Slobo and Wonder Girl
The Smart GuyImpulse (Actually. Yeah, he's usually about as sharp as a doorknob, but his idiosyncratic thought process leads him to conclusions no one else would consider.), Robin (also doubles, in this category.)
The ChickThe Secret (from her indirect-but still formidable-powers to her massive crush on Robin to her extreme naïveté.) Arrowette (when she was around, she got along with everybody.)
The Sixth RangerEmpress (who started out as an Aloof Ally and happens to be the daughter of one of Those Two Bad Guys), and Ray (a slick, handsome guy with light based powers.)
The MentorRed Tornado (a Tin Man desperate to be with his family again)