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Five Man Band: Anime S To V
aka: Anime S-V

Saint Beast
The LeaderJudas
The LancerLuca
The Big GuyGou
The Smart GuyShin
The ChickRei
Kid-Appeal CharacterGai (more or less)

Saint Seiya Omega
The LeaderKouga
The LancerYuna
The Big GuySouma
The ChickRyuho
The Smart GuyHaruto
Sixth RangerEden


The LeaderGenjo Sanzo
The LancerSha Gojyo
The Big GuySon Goku
The Smart GuyTeam Pet Hakuryu
The ChickCho Hakkai (who is also The Heart)

Samurai Deeper Kyo

The Old Team
The LeaderOnime no Kyo
The LancerAkira
The Smart GuyAkari
The Big GuyBontenmaru
The ChickHotaru
The New Team
The LeaderOnime no Kyo
The LancerSanada Yukimura
The Smart Guy (subverted)Benitora
The Big Guy (subverted)Sasuke
The ChickShiina Yuya

Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
The LeaderKen "The Eagle" Washio
The LancerJoe "The Condor" Asakura
The Big GuyRyu "The Horned Owl" Nakanishi
The Smart GuyJinpei "The Swallow" (sometimes The Chick)
The ChickJun "The Swan" (sometimes The Smart Guy)
Sixth RangerCaptain Red Impulse
The MentorDr. Kozaburo Nambu
  • While hardly the first occurrence of this trope (arguably, the Ramayana might be), Gatchaman's deliberate choice of these five personality types for a five-person team of heroes has been copied and recopied (with variations) ever since.

Sekirei: Minato's group
The LeaderMusubi
The LancerTsukiumi
The Big GuyKazehana
The Smart GuyMatsu
The ChickKu-Chan
The Sixth RangerHomura

Slam Dunk

Shohoku basketball team:
Big GoodCoach Anzai
The LeaderTakenori Akagi (Hanamichi is The Hero of the story, but Akagi is The Captain of the team)
The LancerKaede Rukawa
The Big GuyHanamichi Sakuragi
The Smart GuyRyouta Miyagi, sometimes Ayako
The ChickAyako
The HeartKiminobu Kogure
Sixth RangerHisashi Mitsui
Team Pet(s)Haruko Akagi and Sakuragi's gang

Ryonan basketball team:
The LeaderJun Uozumi (Sendoh is The Hero of the team, but Uozumi is The Captain)
The Lancer Akira Sendoh
The Big Guy and Sixth RangerKicchou Fukuda (Hot-Blooded like Sakuragi)
The Smart GuyHiroaki Koshino
The ChickRyoji Ikegami
Tagalong KidHikoichi Aida
Team DadMoichi Taoka

Kainan basketball team:
The LeaderShinichi Maki (He is both The Captain and The Hero of the team)
The Lancers Soichiro Jin and Nobunaga Kiyota
The Big GuyKazuma Takasago
The ChickMasashi Mutou
The Smart Guy and Sixth RangerYoshinori Miyamasu
Team DadRiki Takato

Smile Pretty Cure!!
The LeaderMiyuki Hohshizora/Cure Happy
The Big GuyAkane Hino/Cure Sunny (could overlap with The Lancer)
The ChickYayoi Kise/Cure Peace
The LancerNao Midorikawa/Cure March
The Smart GuyReika Aoki/Cure Beauty
Team PetCandy and Pop

Sorcerer Hunters
The LeaderTira
The LancerChocolat
The Big GuyGateau
The Smart GuyMarron
The ChickCarrot
Sixth RangerMille Fuille

Super Dimension Fortress Macross/Robotech first Generation: "The Macross Saga": The SDF Crew
The LeaderMisa Hayase/Lisa Hayes
The LancerClaudia LaSalle/Claudia Grant
The Big GuyKim Kabirov/Kim Young
The Smart GuyVanessa Laird/Vanessa Leeds
The ChickShammy Milliome/Sammy Porter

Tai Chi Chasers
The LeaderRai
The LancerFinn
The Smart GuyTori
The Big GuyDonha
The ChickSena

Tekkaman Blade/Teknoman
The LeaderD-Boy/Blade/Slade
The LancerNoal/Ringo
The Big GuyHonda/Mac
The Smart GuyRebin/Maggie
The ChickAki/Star
The MentorFreeman/Jameson
Tagalong KidMilly/Tina

Tenkuu Senki Shurato
The LeaderShurato Hidaka (aka Shura-oh Shurato)
The LancerTen-oh Hyuuga
The Big GuyRyuu-oh Ryouma
The Smart GuyKarura-oh Reiga
The ChickLakshu
Team PetMii

Tokyo Mew Mew
The LeaderMew Ichigo
The LancerMew Mint
The ChickMew Lettuce
The Big GuyMew Pudding
The Smart GuyMew Zakuro

20th Century Boys
The LeaderKenji Endou
The LancerOtcho
The Smart GuyYoshitsune
The Big GuyMaruo
The ChickYukiji Setoguchi
Tagalong KidKanna Endou

Voltes V
The LeaderKenichi Gou
The LancerIppei Mine
The Big GuyDaijiro Gou
The Smart GuyHiyoshi Gou
The ChickMegumi Ouka

Voltron (Air Team)
The LeaderJeff
The LancerRocky (second in command)
The Big GuyWolo
The Smart GuyChip
The ChickGinger

Voltron (Land Team)
The LeaderCliff
The LancerHutch
The Big GuyMordock
The Smart GuyMarvin
The ChickCinda

Voltron (Sea Team)
The LeaderCric
The LancerShannon
The Big GuyTangor
The Smart GuyZandee
The ChickLisa

Voltron (Lion Force)note 
The LeaderKeith
The LancerLance (no kidding)
The Big GuyHunk
The Smart GuyPidge
The ChickPrincess Allura
The Sixth RangerSven

Anime N To RFiveManBand/AnimeAnime W To Z

alternative title(s): Anime S-V
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