Five Man Band / Anime N To R
aka: Anime N-R

Naruto: In the Konoha History Arc
The LeaderShikamaru
The LancerNaruto
The Smart GuySakura
The Big GuyChoji
The ChickIno

Ninin Ga Shinobuden
The LeaderShinobu
The LancerSasuke
The Big GuyOnsokumaru
The Smart GuyMiyabi
The ChickKaede

Noein: To Your Other Self
The LeaderYū Gotō
The LancerIsami Fujiwara
The Big GuyAi Hasebe
The Smart GuyMiho Mukai
The ChickHaruka Kaminogi

Ojamajo Doremi
The LeaderDoremi
The Smart GuyHazuki
The LancerAiko
Tagalong KidPop
The ChickOnpu
The Big GuyMomoko
Sixth RangerHana-Chan

Outlaw Star
The LeaderGene Starwind is The Captain of the ship and everyone follows him
The LancerJim Hawkings is the second half of "Starwind and Hawking Entreprise" and he is the short level headed Mission Control to Gene's front line fighter. They talk about this in the final episode.
The Big GuyAisha ClanClan is the strongest and the most hotblooded agressive and has a Super Mode.
The Smart GuyGilliam is the Ship's [=AI=} and sounds like a stuffy old man.
The ChickMelfina is a sweet-tempered moral center.
Sixth RangerTwilight Suzuka hovers on the edge of the group. Technically she joined before Aisha but is aloof.

Pani Poni Dash!
The LeaderRebecca Miyamoto
The LancerHimeko Katagiri
The Big GuyMiyako Uehara
The Smart GuyRei Tachibana
The ChickSayaka Suzuki
The Generic GuyKurumi Momose
Sixth RangerMedia
Token Evil TeammateIchijou
Team PetMesousa

Paradise Kiss
The LeaderYukari "Caroline" Hayasaka
The LancerJouji "George" Koizumi
The Big GuyArashi Nagase
The Smart Guy Daisuke Isabella Yamamoto
The ChickMiwako Sakurada
Sixth RangerHiroyuki Tokumori

Petite Princess Yucie
The LeaderYucie
The LancerGreta
The Big GuyElmina
The Smart GuyCocoloo
The ChickBeth
Sixth Ranger The judge who represents the Magic World

Princess Tutu - Near the end
The LeaderMytho
The LancerPrincess Tutu
The Big GuyAutor
The Smart GuyFakir
The ChickRue

Psycho Busters - The young phychics
The LeaderKakeru
The LancerJoi
The Big GuyKaito
The Smart GuyXiao Long
The ChickAyano

Psyren - The main group of Drifters
The LeaderAgeha
The LancerOboro
The Big GuyHiryuu (of the Genius Bruiser variety)
The Smart GuyKabuto
The ChickSakurako (but rather of the Lady of War kind)
The MentorMatsuri

Real Bout High School - The Shinsengumi
The LeaderRyoko Mitsurugi (The main character of the series)
The LancerAoi Asahina (Devout Catholic who knows G is in there somewhere)
The Big Guy(s)Megumi Momoi and Xiaoxing Huang (Tough grappler who puts herself though Training from Hell (with a pitching machine) and a tiny Anime Chinese Girl with Instant Knots)
The Smart GuyMidori Misato (The Cracker as a good guy)
The ChickAsuka Kuronari (Wannabe ninja; Extremely emotional)
The Tagalong KidHitomi Yuuki (Ryoko's best friend)

Record of Lodoss War - Parn's Party
The LeaderParn (Hot-blooded upstart swordsman. Originally wants to clear his father's name; later moves up to saving the world in general.)
The LancerEtoh (Cleric; heals wounds, specializes in fighting ethereal demons. Shades of the Tagalong Kid.)
The Big GuyGhim (Standard axe-wielding dwarf warrior. Makes up in strength what he lacks in height. Failure Knight.)
The Smart GuySlayn (Wise wizard, old friend of Ghim. Occasionally pulls double duty as The Mentor.)
The ChickDeedlit (High elf fencer/elementalist. Parn's girlfriend.)
Sixth RangerWoodchuck (Morally ambiguous thief, joins up last. Knife Nut.)

Revolutionary Girl Utena - The Student Council functions like a warped version of a Five Man Band:
The LeaderTouga
The LancerSaionji
The Big GuyJuri
The Smart GuyMiki
The ChickNanami

Robotech: Second Generation (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross)
The LeaderDana Stirling (Jeanne Francaix))
The LancerSean Phillips (Charles de Etouard)
The Big GuyAngelo Dante (Andrejz Slawski)
The Smart GuyLouie Nichols (Louis Ducasse)
The ChickBowie Grant (Bowie Emerson)

Robotech: Third Generation (Genesis Climber Mospeada)
The LeaderScott (Stick) Bernard
The LancerRand (Ray)
The Big GuyLunk (Jim Austen)
The Smart GuyLancer (Ironically)
The ChickRook
Tagalong KidAnnie (Mint)

Ronin Warriors
The LeaderRyo
The Lancer Sage/Seiji though the former better fits the mold
The Big GuyKento/Shuu
The Smart GuyRowen/Touma (ostensibly)
The ChickMia/Nasuchi (Team Mom,

Rosario + Vampire - The Newspaper Club
The LeaderTsukune/Inner Moka
The LancerKurumu
The Big GuyMizore/Kokoa
The Smart GuyRuby/Yukari
The ChickOuter Moka
The Sixth RangerGin/Fongfong

Rose of Versailles
The LeaderOscar Francois de Jarjayes (the local Action Girl and main character)
The LancerAndre Grandier (Oscar's childhood friend and borderline Morality Pet. He's more agreeable than most Lancers, though)
The Big GuyAlain de Soissons (to whom Oscar applies Defeat Means Friendship)
The Smart GuyBernard Chatelet (fast in making plans and strategies, an Intrepid Reporter)
The ChickRosalie Lamorliere (Oscar's close friend, very emotional and sensitive)