* Fu Leng and the other subsequent rulers of the Shadowlands in TabletopGame/LegendOfTheFiveRings tend fall into this structure.
** With the Oni Overlords:
*** [[BigBad The Big Bad]] - Fu Leng
*** TheDragon - Akuma no Oni
*** TheBrute - Tsuburu no Oni
*** TheEvilGenius - Shikkibu no Oni
*** TheDarkChick - Kyoso no Oni
*** TheSixthRanger - Yakamo no Oni
*** SixthRangerTraitor - [[spoiler:Okura no Oni]]

** During the Clan War story arc:
*** BigBad - Fu Leng
*** TheDragon - Yogo Junzo
*** TheBrute - Moto Tsume
*** TheEvilGenius - Kuni Yori
*** TheDarkChick - Isawa Tsuke

** Four Winds story arc:
*** BigBad - Daigotsu
*** TheDragon - Shahai
*** TheBrute - Goju Kyoden
*** TheEvilGenius - Chuda Mishime
*** TheDarkChick - Omoni
*** [[TheSixthRanger The Sixth Rangers]] - The Shadow Dragon, Kokujin

** Bloodspeakers circa Diamond Edition:
*** BigBad - Iuchiban
*** TheDragon - Jama Suru
*** TheBrute - Mohai
*** TheEvilGenius - Yajinden
*** TheDarkChick - Shahai

* ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'', being a superhero roleplaying game with a long history, has produced a few villain teams that more or less fit the pattern.

** The original line-up of Eurostar are a fair example:

*** BigBad - Fiacho, whose name actually means "very bad".
*** TheDragon - Bora, though she may be too flighty to do the job perfectly, maybe even being more of a Dark Chick type.
*** TheBrute - Durak, no question.
*** TheEvilGenius - Le Sone, the team scientist.
*** TheDarkChick - Pantera, the clawed psychopath (who might swap roles with Bora at times).

** The scenario book ''[[http://www.blackwyrm.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=25&products_id=151 The Sands of Time]]'' features two five-member villain teams:

*** The Iron Five fit the trope fairly well. What they don't know is that [[spoiler:Belragor is basically using them as a QuirkyMinibossSquad]].

*** BigBad - Chevron, though mostly by virtue of his being the team leader.
*** TheDragon - Shaggy, though more by default than inclination; he's much more of a [[TheTrickster trickster]].
*** TheBrute - Shellshock.
*** TheEvilGenius - Sharkskin, though his genius is limited to being a useful business manager and driver.
*** TheDarkChick - Shrapnel, in a twisted sort of way, as the team's junior member. Though he'd gut you for suggesting this.

*** Belragor's followers, on the other hand, avert the trope more than they fit it:

*** BigBad - Belragor, definitely.
*** TheDragon - The Obedient One and the Unswerving Champion both want this position, and are locked in rivalry.
*** TheBrute - The Functionary's powers put him in this slot, though he doesn't look the part, and the Obedient One has more of the mindset.
*** TheEvilGenius - Belragor really won't let anyone else take this role, though the Vengeance Swarm might also be in contention sometimes.
*** TheDarkChick - Simply not a role recognised in this group. The Vengeance Swarm is the low-strength oddball character, but it wants to be TheStarscream.

*** The Inner Circle of DEMON, although they're actually under the command of a PowerTrio.

*** BigBad - The Coin Collector is a regular [[TheChessmaster schemer]] of a MorallyBankruptBanker with potent {{Brainwash}} powers, making him the best at political and social manipulation on a wide scale.
*** TheDragon: The Dalang, being the cover-up specialist and none-too-shabby with the minions himself, due to his CastingAShadow capabilities.
*** EvilGenius: Herr Doktor Pandaemonium, master of sonics and [[MadScientist occult science]].
*** TheBrute: Demoiselle Nocturne, the elite enforcer and one-woman(-patterned-[[DreamPeople living-nightmare]]) SecretPolice and enforcer corps for [=DEMON's=] ultimate leader, Luther Black.
*** DarkChick: Dyer Vander Bleek, who by all rights shouldn't even ''be'' in the Inner Circle; he was always meant as a placeholder for an entirely different woman, and he knows it.

* The World Slayers from TabletopGame/{{Rifts}} Chaos Earth ''Creatures of Chaos''.
** [[BigBad The Big Bad]]/DarkChick - The Desecrator
** TheDragon - The Subjugator
** [[EvilGenius The Evil Genius]] - The Strife
** TheBrute - The Desolator

* The five vampiric species from ''TabletopGame/VampireTheRequiem''.

** [[BigBad The Big Bad]]: [[CorruptCorporateExecutive The Ventrue]]. [[AristocratsAreEvil Blue-blooded]], controlling, and always in charge.
** TheDragon: [[RedRightHand The Nosferatau]]. Disfigured, brutally strong, capable of casting fear, and [[MyMasterRightOrWrong completely loyal to anyone who accepts them]] from behind the scenes.
** TheBrute: [[BloodKnight The Gangrel]]. Animalistic, savage, frequently (though not always) [[DumbMuscle stupid]], with a tendency to operate as mercenaries or [[PsychoForHire Psychos For Hire]].
** [[EvilGenius The Evil Genius]]: The Mekhet. Shadowy, clever, dislike direct contact, and can find out anything for a price.
** [[DarkChick The Dark Chick]]: [[TheVamp The Daeva's]]. Decadent seducers obsessed with the finer things in life. Can become TheDragon (or more frequently, TheStarscream) to the Ventrue if truly motivated.

* Similarly, the five [[SlasherMovie Slasher]] Undertakings (both Ripper and Scourge) from ''TabletopGame/HunterTheVigil''
** BigBad: [[TheChessmaster Geniuses/Maniacs]] ''or'' [[ManipulativeBastard Charmers/Psychos]]. Really varies depending on the Slashers in question.
** TheDragon: [[RedRightHand Freaks/Mutants]]. As in the Nosferatau example above, these guys are disfigured, strong, and extremely loyal to anyone who accepts them. May be just misunderstood, or genuinely evil, or somewhere in between.
** TheBrute: Brutes/ [[TheJuggernaut Masks]]. Neither is particularly smart, neither is emotional in anyway, shape or form, neither shows mercy, and both have ImplacableMan as their hat. May actually be more physically dangerous than TheDragon, but much less competent.
** TheEvilGenius: [[TheChessmaster Geniuses/Maniacs]] ''or'' [[ManipulativeBastard Charmers/Psychos]]. As above, this will vary from Slasher to Slasher.
** TheDarkChick: Avengers/Legends. The only ones with something approaching justification for their behaviour; often bound up by the rules of their own story. Generally have JerkassWoobie as their [[PlanetOfHats hat]].

* [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Warhammer 40000]] armies. Granted, the setting is swimming in BlackAndGrayMorality. However, the classic "evil" factions fill out all the archetypes:

** BigBad: [[TheLegionsOfHell Chaos]]
** TheDragon: [[HordeOfAlienLocusts Tyranids]]
** TheBrute: [[OurOrcsAreDifferent Orks]]
** TheEvilGenius: [[OurZombiesAreDifferent Necrons]]
** TheDarkChick: [[TheFairFolk Dark Eldar]]

* And the same, but for the TabletopGame/WarhammerFantasy setting. Though if one accepts the theory that the Horned Rat is a lesser Chaos God and removes the Orcs and Vampire Counts it can be made a lot neater, since those two have no real connection to Chaos.
** BigBad: Daemons of Chaos
** TheDragon: Warriors of Chaos
** TheBrute: Orcs & Goblins/Beastmen
** TheEvilGenius: Vampire Counts/Skaven
** TheDarkChick: Dark Elves

* Let's not forget the principal FiveBadBand of the franchise, the Chaos Gods. Well, four. Depending on who you ask.

** BigBad: Chaos Undivided
** TheDragon: Nurgle
** TheEvilGenius: Tzeentch
** TheBrute: Khorne
** TheDarkChick: Slaanesh
** SixthRangerTraitor: Malal

* The Vampire Counts' bloodlines could arguably count as this as well:

** BigBad: The Von Carstein
** TheDragon: The Blood Dragons
** TheBrute: The Strigoi
** TheEvilGenius: The Necrarch
** TheDarkChick: The Lahmians

* The Literature/HorusHeresy's traitor Primarchs and their Legions:

** BigBad: Horus/Sons of Horus
** TheDragon: Lorgar/Erebus/The Word Bearers.
** TheEvilGenius: Magnus/The Thousand Sons and Perturabo/The Iron Warriors
** TheBrute: Angron/The World Eaters and Konrad Curze/The Night Lords.
** TheDarkChick: Fulgrim/The Emperor's Children.
** SixthRanger(s): Mortarion/The Death Guard.
** Sixth Ranger Traitor: Alpharius/The Alpha Legion

* The five Praetors of New Phyrexia (and their boss) from MagicTheGathering:

** BigBad: [[DeusEstMachina Karn]] (while he remains corrupted)
** TheDragon: [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder Sheoldred]] (Also TheStarscream)
** EvilGenius: [[EvilutionaryBiologist Jin-Gitaxias]]
** TheBrute: [[TheBeastmaster Vorinclex]]
** TheDarkChick: [[KnightTemplar Elesh Norn]]
** TokenGoodTeammate: [[WorthyOpponent Urabrask]]

** In addition, the other characters on the New Phyrexia side fit this as well:

*** SixthRanger: Tezzeret (in addition to being Bolas' Dragon)
*** LesCollaborateurs: Glissa and Geth

** After the events of [[http://www.wizards.com/Magic/magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/ur/263 The Lost Confession]], the Phyrexian hierarchy has been shuffled up a bit:

** BigBad: [[KnightTemplar Elesh Norn]]
** CoDragons: [[MadScientist Jin-Gitaxias]] and [[TheStarscream Sheoldred]]
** EvilGenius: [[TotalitarianUtilitarian Jin-Gitaxias]] again
** TheBrute: [[TheSocialDarwinist Vorinclex]]
** TheDarkChick: [[AntiVillain Urabrask]]

* '''TabletopGame/{{Monsterpocalypse}}''

** ''Martian Menace''
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||TheDarkChick||Ares Mothership||

** ''Lords of Cthul''
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||TheDragon||Ancient Osheroth||

** ''Planet Eaters''
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** ''Subterran Uprising''
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||TheBrute||all of their monsters, to some degree.||

** ''Savage Swarm''
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||TheDragon||the unnamed BiologcalMashUp Metamorph||

** ''Tritons''
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||TheDarkChick||the unnamed jellyfish Metamorph||

* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'' has The Reclamation Yozis:
** BigBad: [[{{Jerkass}} The Ebon]] [[GodOfEvil Dragon]], least mangled of the Yozis and leader of The Reclamation. The Reclamation hinges on whether or not his plans succeed... which is massively hindered by him being the literal embodiment of ChronicBackstabbingDisorder.
** TheDragon: Cecelyne.
** TheBrute: Malfeas. Was the [[GodOfGods King of the Primordials]], but is too mangled, incoherent and destructive to count as the Big Bad.
** EvilGenius: She Who Lives in Her Name.
** DarkChick: [[{{Yandere}} Adorjan]] and [[MyBelovedSmother Kimberry]]. You do ''not'' want to be on the receiving end of their love.
** SixthColumn: [[spoiler:In ''Return of the Scarlet Empress'', the developers suggest that players bargain with Szoreny (a Yozi that embodies NobleDemon WorthyOpponent) to draw him to their side. [[GodzillaThreshold This will likely include arrangement for the release of Szoreny and his gay partner, Isidoros]].]]

* ''Mutant Chronicles''' Dark Soul and its Apostles fit the bill almost perfectly:
** BigBad (verging on BiggerBad): [[UltimateEvil The Dark Soul]].
** TheDragon: [[EvilSorcerer Illian]].
** TheBrute: [[GeniusBruiser Algeroth]]; also TheStarscream.
** TheEvilGenius: Both [[ManipulativeBastard Semai]] and [[MadOracle Muhawije]], though in a slight subversion Illian's [[TheChessmaster actually better at it than either]]; Semai in particular resents this.
** TheDarkChick: [[{{Plaguemaster}} Demnogonis]].

* The leadership of the Greenbelt bandits from ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'''s Kingmaker Adventure Path.
** BigBad: The Stag Lord, the alcoholic, emotionally ruined leader of the bandits.
** TheDragon: Akiros Ismort, former Paladin of Erastil turned bandit and the one actually running things--despite his frustrations with the job.
** TheBrute: Auchs, mentally handicapped thug and PsychopathicManchild.
** TheEvilGenius: Dovan from Nisroch, who manipulates all the other bandits--save Akiros--to his own ends.
** TheDarkChick: Nugrah the Decrepit, father of the Stag Lord, and his favoured abuse victim.

* [[TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness Midnight Circus]] - the Circus management:
** BiggerBad: The "[[EldritchAbomination Old]] [[DeadlyEuphemism Shareholders]]."
** BigBad: [[RepulsiveRingmaster Ringmaster]] [[EvilSorcerer Devyn Cavendish]].
** TheDragon: [[MasterOfIllusion Calabris]] - on the verge of becoming TheStarscream
** TheBrute: [[MonsterClown Koba]] - often used by the Infernal Trinity for muscle in large-scale operations.
** TheEvilGenius: Mr Flint - Cavendish's accountant, spymaster, and token Corax wereraven.
** TheDarkChick: [[TheFairFolk Astarte the Autumn Queen]] - the most benevolent of the Infernal Trinity and the least engaged with reality.
** TheSixthRanger: Baroque - currently being groomed to replace Calabris as the Infernal Trinity's resident vampire.

* ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade- Gehenna.'' The Apostates:
** BigBad: UsefulNotes/{{Lilith}}, the Dark Mother.
** TheDragon: Lucian - leads the Apostates in the field.
** TheBrute: [[DarkActionGirl Erinye]] and [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Ikopabe]].
** TheEvilGenius: [[CourtMage Mekhet]].
** TheDarkChick: [[TheOphelia Malakai]] - almost completely disconnected from reality and kept as pacified as possible by the others.
** TheSixthRanger: [[TimeMaster Ilyes]] - Lilith's scout and herald.
** The WildCard: Eickos.