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Fire Emblem Elibe Blazing Sword: Bandits


Batta "the Beast"

“Who do you think you are? You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast?”

The first boss. He is one of the two bandits that attack Lyn and the tactician in the prologue.

Class: Brigand

  • An Axe to Grind
  • Badass Boast: See above.
  • Blonde Guys Are Evil
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars
  • Suicidal Overconfidence
  • Warm-Up Boss
    • Wake-Up Call Boss: Believe it or not, he can be this in Hard Mode, as unlike in Normal Mode there's no guarantee that you'll hit him or he won't hit you, and Lyn's delicate enough at this point to fall to him in two hits.
      • In Hard Mode, the most pragmatic strategy is as follows: 1st, draw out his lackey by waiting in the forest/mountains to avoid being hit when he fights; 2nd, do not attack Batta on your turn, just use it to heal any injuries he deals; 3rd, when he's low enough on health/if you didn't score a critical hit, then finish him without any unnecessary use of Vulneraries.


“Such a waste. An absolute waste. The things I'll do for gold. Ah, well. Time to die, darlin'! C'mon out, boys!”

The boss of Chapter 1. He is a bandit sent by Lord Lundgren to kill Lyndis. Him calling Lyndis by her full name is what clues her in, in regards to Lundgren.

Class: Brigand


“I am Glass! The gods fear my name! My swordplay is peerless!”

The boss of Chapter 2. He and his group of bandits try to steal the Mani Katti from its scabbard, but is stopped by Lyn and her companions.

Class: Mercenary


The boss of Chapter 3, a member of the Ganelon Bandits who accosts Florina after she accidentally lands her Pegasus on him.

Class: Brigand


The boss of Chapter 4, a member of the Ganelon Bandits who tracks down Lyn's party after they kill Migal. He's Dorcas's employer.

Class: Brigand


The boss of Chapter 5, and the last Ganelon Bandit leader encountered in the story.

Class: Brigand


The boss of Chapter 6, an assassin sent after Lyn by Lundgren.

Class: Knight


An opportunistic bandit who thought the disappearance of the Pheraean knights would be a good time to try to claim a village for himself. It doesn't end well for him.

Class: Brigand


The boss of Chapter 12, a bandit leader hired by the Black Fang to eliminate Eliwood.

Class: Fighter


The boss of Chapter 13x, fought optionally. In this chapter, he and his men accost Merlinus, only to be driven back by Eliwood and Hector.

Class: Mercenary

Jasmine and Paul

A pair of identical bandits roaming the Nabata desert. They decide that harassing Pent is a good idea. It kind of isn't.

Class: Warrior

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