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Film: Zyzzyx Road

"What happens in Vegas, gets buried on Zyzzyx Road."
tagline for the film

If Zyzzyx Road had existed when Mystery Science Theater 3000 was running, Mike and the 'Bots would almost certainly have critiqued it. Star/producer Leo Grillo was uninterested in releasing it domestically until after its foreign release; however, the Screen Actor's Guild imposes certain rules regarding foreign releases of low-budget films. It had to be released in America first... Therefore it was: in a one-week, one-matinee-per-day run at an anonymous, rented theater in Dallas. This February 2006 "premiere" holds the record for the lowest box office gross ever, at just $30. Yes, thirty. No, wait...$20. Two of the six tickets sold were later personally refunded by Grillo because they had been purchased by someone who had worked on the film.

Famous for its dubious record and for featuring Izzie Stevens. Not actually a "before they were famous" role for Katherine Heigl, since it was filmed during the hiatus after Season 1 of Grey's Anatomy. Not related to the 2005 movie Zzyzx, which incidentally is the correct spelling of the Mojave area.


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alternative title(s): Zyzzyx Road
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