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Film: What's Up, Doc?

This 1972 film is Peter Bogdanovich's affectionate homage to the Screwball Comedy.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl Judy, played by Barbra Streisand, relentlessly pursues Howard (Ryan O'Neal), a repressed academic, throughout San Francisco, despite the "havoc and chaos" (in Howard's apt phrase) that follow Judy everywhere she goes. Meanwhile, the Satchel Switcheroo has happened to four identical red-plaid suitcases: Judy's personal items, Howard's valuable (to him) musical minerals, an eccentric rich lady's jewel collection, and some unspecified "Top Secret Government Documents." Hilarity Ensues.

An unofficial remake of Howard Hawks' 1938 movie Bringing Up Baby.

This film provides examples of:

One, Two, ThreeScrewball ComedyHis Girl Friday
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?Creator/Warner Bros. When Time Ran Out
ArthurRomantic ComedySingin' in the Rain
Way of the DragonFilms of the 1970sZ.P.G.

alternative title(s): Whats Up Doc
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