WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU, SPACEMAN! was a 1975 comedy/sci-fi film directed by William A. Levey, best known for this film and the equally cheesy blaxplotation film/Blacula cashin Blackenstein and written by Shomo D. Weinstein. It stars Jay Rasumny and Samual Mann as the two aliens along with John Ireland, Dyanne Thorne, Mendel Pincus, Robert George, Anne Gaybis, Janice Karman, Marius Mazmanian, Maria Arnold and several others.

Two foul-mouthed alien cadets from the dying Planet Urine, sent to earth on a mission to impregnate as many woman as possible since their planet is due to get sucked into the sun in 500 years. So, the two aliens immediately get to work once they land in Hollywood, not only abducting woman to have sex, but assist humans on having sex as well. While presented in the trailer as being a raunchy comedy, it's safe to say that the goings on are just a vehicle for the sex.

Tropes appearing in this: