A 1961 science ficton film directed and produced by Creator/IrwinAllen.

Earth's [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Allen_radiation_belt Van Allen radiation belts]] have caught on fire, causing the global temperature to rise day by day, which threatens to end all life in three weeks. Admiral Nelson (Walter Pidgeon), who has constructed an experimental nuclear submarine called ''Seaview'', sets out on a mission to restore he planet to its normal state.

The film became the basis for a [[Series/VoyageToTheBottomOfTheSea television series]].

!!This film has examples of:

%%* CommunicationsOfficer: Sparks.
* DeusExNukina: To stop the world from turning into a dried husk, a nuclear missile must be fired to the Van Allen radiation belts from the Marianas.
* TheFundamentalist: [[spoiler:Alvarez believes that it's God's will that Earth should burn up, and is one of the two saboteurs onboard ''Seaview'']].
* GiantSquid: A gigantic octopus attacks the ''Seaview'' as it is nearing its goal, and is driven away by electricity. Earlier in the film, an actual giant squid attacks the divers repairing the transatlantic phone line on the ocean bottom.
* GlobalWarming: When the skies start to burn, the ice caps melt while ''Seaview'' is in the Arctic Ocean, leaving chunks of ice to rain down on it (which ignores the fact that ice floats).
* SeaMine: The submarine almost plows headfirst into a mass of underwater mines, and a tense sequence starts when they have to send in a minisub to remove one they got tangled with.
* SetTheWorldOnFire: Earth's Van Allen belts are on fire and if nothing is done about them, they will slowly roast the planet.
* ThreateningShark: ''Seaview'' has a pool inside it, where Lucius keeps a shark for his studies. [[spoiler:Late in the film, Dr. Hiller, one of the two saboteurs onboard, falls into it after a brief struggle with Capt. Crane and gets eaten]].
* TitleThemeTune: Sung by Frankie Avalon, who also plays Lt. Romano.