[[caption-width-right:320:Where will your mind live in the future?]]

''Upldr'' is an independent 2013 film that was funded on Website/{{Kickstarter}}. It features a scientist and his desire to evolve humanity by enabling people to connect to computers with their minds. He is willing to sacrifice his career, his friends, and even his life for science. He may even be willing to sacrifice his humanity for the sake of science. To watch this film click [[http://youtu.be/rp-Hu042PNk here]].

!!Provides Examples Of:

* BrainComputerInterface: Victor is developing the technology to make this possible.
* MadScientist: Victor, the main character.
* MysteriousBacker: Lucius gave Victor resources and freedom to do his project.
* OneWordTitle
* ProfessorGuineaPig: Victor has no problems shoving a giant needle in the base of his skull just to experiment his technology.
* TakeBackYourGift: Sophia returning her [[spoiler:engagement ring]] to Victor as well as all of the other stuff.