A [[EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs Dinosaur]] film from 1948. The first post-war Dinosaur movie and first one made in color. The story concerns an expedition to the titular island. An Adventure-seeker and his fiancee (who finances the expedition) to an uncharted South Pacific island.

The adventurer spotted the island during the war and took a photograph of a dinosaur. Wanting to go back, he hires a captain who locates the only person to visit the island and get off of it alive.

When they get there, they find dinosaurs and other prehistoric monsters.

Well known for its SpecialEffectsFailure.

!!! This film shows the examples of:

* BringItBackAlive: the goal of the expedition, aside from getting photographs of the dinosaurs.
* LostWorld: The titular Island.
* PeopleInRubberSuits: The ''Ceratosaurus''.
* PrehistoricMonster
* StockDinosaurs: ''Brontosaurus'', ''Dimetrodon'', and to some extent ''Ceratosaurus'' and the giant ground sloth (the latter being solely carnivorous for some reason).