[[caption-width-right:350:Look for the wizard in the robe of green, for I will help you find your dream!]]

'''The Wizard of Speed and Time''' was originally a 1979 StopMotion short film by freelance filmmaker Mike Jittlov. The titular wizard was a [[SuperSpeed speedy]] green-cloaked fellow (played by Jittlov himself) who ran around the world spreading magic as he went by, until slipping on a BananaPeel sends him flying straight into a pile of film cans, which he proceeds to animate along with plenty of other film equipment to a merry jig.

WOSAT, as it's commonly acronymed, was shown on an episode of [[Creator/{{Disney}} The Wonderful World of Disney]] which showcased special effects to coincide with the release of ''Film/TheBlackHole''. It has since been shown around many [[FanConvention sci-fi conventions]] to great acclaim, prompting Mike to remake the short as a feature film... about ''[[ShowWithinAShow making the short]]''. After 5 years in the making, the feature film WOSAT was released in 1989 to limited theater showings, but has since gained a [[CultClassic cult following]] through Laserdisc and VHS releases.

By permission of Mike Jittlov himself, the movie has been made available to anyone who wishes to watch it on YouTube (and can be downloaded and spread around, so long as you don't intend to profit from it). It can be found [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ldOTw60Ozg here]].

It's about a freelancer's exaggerated but all-too-real journey through the corrupt and convoluted Hollywood system, and his drive to defy the system and make his own destiny in filmmaking; that's something that many of us folks can relate to, no?



[[folder:Both films]]
* BananaPeel: The only thing that can stop the Wizard in his tracks, not that he slows down!
* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles: The Wizard bursts with them, using them to light lamps and create paper stars for his fans.
* LeParkour: During one sequence, he slides along a wall through stop motion photography, each frame capturing him jumping onto the wall, only moving in position ever so slightly until the movement was captured down the wall.
* StockScream: The Wizard lets out a Goofy Holler when he hits the banana peel.
* StopMotion: Featured extensively, mostly Pixilation along with [[AnimateInanimateObject animated objects]].
* SuperSpeed: The main power of the Wizard.
* WalkOnWater: Jittlov runs on water, kicking up a giant fantail of spray, in both versions of the "Wizard's Run".

[[folder:1979 short]]
* ActingForTwo: See SelfDeprecatingHumor below.
* NoBudget: The original short had no budget and was created entirely by Mike.
* SelfDeprecatingHumor: The "juror" who holds the 9.7 is Jittlov himself.
[[folder:1989 feature]]
* AsHimself: At the start of the credits Mike is credited as being played by "The Wizard." The Wizard is credited as being played by himself.
** In "The Crowd Scene" at the end, the audience is comprised of Sci Fi convention attendees who all provided their own costumes.
* BaitAndSwitch: Used for numerous buildings as the exterior shot would show a tiny shack/van but be BiggerOnTheInside every time.
* CarChase: Labeled in the film's climax as "The Chase Scene".
* CoolBike: Jittlov's bicycle looks like the cousin of [[PeeWeesBigAdventure Pee-Wee Herman's bike]], and has such interesting features as propelling itself uphill[[hottip:*: Actually it's being pulled up the hill by the magnetic field of the hill itself]] and [[OnlyICanMakeItGo giving potential thieves]] [[ShockAndAwe an electrical shock]].
** Unfortunately, he has to sell it to fund his film, and its new owner seems to shock himself away.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Harvey Bookman, who placed a bet with [[HonestCorporateExecutive Lucky Straeker]] that Jittlov could not make his movie. [[spoiler:He went so far as to hire thugs to act as policemen to personally capture Jittlov for his freelancing, but it failed in the end, costing him his job.]]
* ExactWords: Harvey tells his secretary to block any calls from Jittlov "and his friend Lucas." George Lucas soon calls and said secretary tells him Harvey has been ReassignedToAntarctica.
* ExecutiveMeddling: InUniverse, Harvey tries everything in his power to stop Jittlov from making his movie, even though it was people higher-up than him that suggested that he be used in the first place.
* HandshakeRefusal: Jittlov, in the film and in real life, refuses to shake hands with people.
-->'''Jittlov:''' "[[ItsALongStory It's a long story.]]"
** This leads to an excellent rebuttal while at the Dr. Magic Show office, when the secretary goes to throw him out.
--> '''Dora Belair:''' Look, you work with me, I expect a pro. You don't even shake hands; you oughta see a shrink!\\
'''Mike Jittlov:''' Miss Belair, if you feel compelled to grab part of my body and shake it before you can even be friendly, you've got far worse problems than you think I have.
* HollywoodPoliceDrivingAcademy: Subverted as the "policemen" driving it are actually petty criminals [[spoiler:hired by Bookman to track down and capture Jittlov to prevent him making his movie.]]
** It's averted for the ''actual'' policemen.
* ImagineSpot: Many of them are lifted from Jittlov's short films for Creator/{{Disney}}, including a MickeyMouse satellite (used for the opening of the original Disney Channel) and car.
* InnocentInnuendo: When Cindy meets up with Mike in the elevator of Hollywood Studios, she reminds him who she is by telling him that she "gave him the clap[[note]]A euphemism for gonorrhea[[/note]]." What she means is that she applauded him earlier that day, but the other occupants flinch back in horror.
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane: See PaintingTheMedium. As the CEO of the studio says, "I know these people, they ''are'' special effects!"
* MediumAwareness: The movie fully knows it's in a movie, with captions that indicate different scenes and, during Harvey's rant about the numerous camera angles early on, the camera shifts for every single one.
* PaintingTheMedium: Jittlov seems to have strange powers related to special effects, including the ability to [[{{Intangibility}} go through walls]], move in fast-motion, and even ''[[{{Telepathy}} read minds]]'', [[{{Blackmail}} finding out that a rather irate secretary that badmouthed him once had]] [[WhipItGood a rather interesting night in the office]].
-->'''Jittlov:''' "It's a ''special effect!''"
* RockBottom: What Jittlov and Lucas experience during the filming of the film can sequence in his garage. From pesky bats and bugs to strong winds ''and even a monsoon''. [[EmpathicEnvironment Seemingly all from Mike's exuberance.]]
-->'''Jittlov:''' It could be worse: [[TemptingFate we could be trying to film this in an earthquake.]]
-->'''Lucas:''' Don't say that!
-->'''Jittlov:''' Or ''calm weather!'' Perfectly calm...
-->''[Rumbling stops]''
-->'''Jittlov:''' What are you doing?
-->'''Lucas:''' Praying for reality...
* TagLine: "His life is a special effect."
* TakeThat: The entire movie is a celebration of the spirit of creativity and a jab against unions and bureaucrats who want to impede it for the sake of just making money.
* UnreadablyFastText: The movie is full of these from beginning to end, but no more so than at the Wizard Run sequence, which contains what amounts to Mike Jittlov's personal manifesto about the power of the creative spirit, elucidated one frame and sentence at a time.
* WeirdTradeUnion: The unions/guilds of Hollywood, from the confusingly convoluted Camera union to the goofy Animation union, complete with an "a-hyuk!". Either way, there's no way that Jittlov could even ''try'' to join these unions unless he wants to go crazy.
** In addition, each union representative is played by the [[ActingForTwo same guy]] standing in the same place, with the differences in their appearance caused entirely by different costumes and camera angles.
* WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer: Without his car or his bike, [[spoiler:all that Jittlov has to travel to the studio with his film a modified motion control rig used previously in the film (looks like a briefcase).]]