Film / The Uninvited (2009)

The Uninvited is a 2009 American remake of the 2003 South Korean horror film A Tale of Two Sisters. It is unrelated to another 2003 Korean horror film and a 1944 American film, both of which have the same name.

Anna (Emily Browning) has been in a psychiatric institution for ten months, following her suicide attempt after her terminally-ill mother died in a boathouse fire. Now she is being discharged and has no memory of the actual fire, although she is frequently plagued by nightmares from the night. She meets up with her sister, Alex (Arielle Kebbel), only to find that everyone is ignoring her, and that her father may be in a scandalous relationship with a murderer. Not only that, but it seems that no one is who they first appear to be.....


  • Adult Fear: Not only did Steven lose his wife, but he lost one of his daughters on the exact same day. And his other daughter is the one who killed them, which drove her insane.
  • Ax-Crazy: Anna
  • Body Horror
  • Dead All Along: Alex
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Find your father cheating on your mother? Being pissed is an appropriate reaction. Telling your mother, sure. What isn't is IMMEDIATELY plotting to set the house they're in on fire. It's safe to say that Anna is well off her rocker before she loses her sister and mother
  • The Ending Changes Everything
  • Enter Stage Window: Matt
  • Fanservice: Arielle Kebbel wears a bikini top quite a bit throughout the movie.
  • Foreign Remake: This film is one to A Tale of Two Sisters, the 2003 South Korean psychological horror film by Kim Ji-woon.
  • Genre Roulette: Switches from horror to drama to mystery thriller throughout.
  • Ill Girl: The girls' mother.
  • Mood Whiplash
  • Jump Scare
  • The Killer in Me: Anna killed every person that died. She doesn't remember anything she's done until a massive flashback scene. It also comes with The Reveal that her sister Alex has been Dead All Along.
  • Proper Lady: Rachel praises Anna for being this as a little girl next to her rebellious Spirited Young Lady older sister, Alex.
  • Psychological Horror
  • The Reveal: Alex died in the fire with her mother. The fire was caused by Anna witnessing her father cheating on her mother with Rachel and deciding to burn the house down. A trail of gasoline and a knocked-over candle result in her mother and Alex burning alive in the second house before Anna can reach the main house. Guilt drives her insane, causing her to develop both schizophrenia and dissociate identity disorder. Anna imagined Alex being alive, as well as killing both Matt and Rachel
  • Sanity Slippage: This would be the case If Anna weren't already insane.
  • Scare Chord
  • Split Personality
  • Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl: A suitably freaky one as well and it's confirmed to be the girls' mother.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Alex and Anna.
  • Wicked Stepmother: Played with. Elizabeth Banks' character is the father's new girlfriend, after his wife died in a fire. Throughout the movie, Anna keeps seeing ghostly images of her dead mother seemingly accusing the girlfriend (who was her nurse) of setting the fire. In fact, Anna was the one who accidentally set the fire, killing her mother and sister, and blocked it out with the memories manifesting as ghostly images. The girlfriend was simply trying to be nice to her.
  • Wham Line: "Alex is dead!"