Film: The Thing Called Love

Look out Music City, cause here I am and I ain't never leavin'!
Miranda Presley

In Nashville, there are 10,000 singer-songwriters chasing success ... with one chance in a million of getting it. For Miranda Presley (Samantha Mathis), that's one chance worth taking. Fresh from New York City, Miranda befriends three fellow hopefuls: shy Connecticut cowboy Kyle Davidson (Dermot Mulroney), Southern Belle Linda Lue Linden (Sandra Bullock), and James Wright (River Phoenix), a cocky Texan with brooding good looks and a honeyed voice. Together they begin a rocky ride down Music City's well-worn highway, finding hope, heartbreak, happiness ... and The Thing Called Love.

1993 movie featuring plenty of Country Music and a cast of actors at the beginning or end of their career. There's a well-made DVD out there that has an audio commentary and several nice extras including a particularly tear-jerking one called "Our Friend River".

Tropes featured in this film: