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"In 2008 British columnist Ann Billson wrote, 'Horror movies have always been a way of addressing our most unspeakable fears and desires... (they) draw on metaphors that are not polished and hermetically sealed, but misshapen or amorphous, like the monsters themselves, which leaves all the more room for individuals to interpret them on a personal level.' If the metaphors were stripped away and the horror was presented in a raw, honest form, could an audience handle it? The Profane Exhibit is willing to test, and obliterate, those boundaries."
Jason Hignite, HorrorHound Magazine

The Profane Exhibit is a horror-themed anthology film set for release in 2013.

The film will have twelve segments, and a wraparound story (22 Rue des Martyrs and Epilogue) involving a secret society in Paris where the world's richest and most depraved trade true stories of unspeakable atrocities. Like any good anthology, The Profane Exhibit has a gimmick to draw viewers in. In this case, it's a roster of directors responsible for some of the screwiest, bloodiest and most disturbing films ever made. Listed below are the filmmakers, their contribution, and some of their most infamous works:

  • Bridge by Ruggero Deodato, director of Cannibal Holocaust and House on the Edge of the Park.
  • Manna by Michael T. Schneider, co-creator of August Undergrounds Mordum.
  • Tochka by Andrey Iskanov, director of Nails, Visions of Suffering and Philosophy of a Knife.
  • GoodWife by Ryan Nicholson, director of Live Feed, Gutterballs and Hanger.
  • Mors in Tabula by Marian Dora, director of Cannibal, The Angel's Melancholy and Carcinoma.
  • Tophet Quorom by Sergio Stivaletti, special effects technician for a number of Giallo, and assorted Italian horror films.
  • Viral by Josť Mojica Marins, creator of the Coffin Joe franchise.
  • Coltan by Richard Stanley, director of Hardware and The Abandoned.
  • The Hell-Chef by Yoshihiro Nishimura, director of Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl.
  • Sins of the Father by Nacho Vigalondo, director of Los Cronocrimenes.
  • Mother May I by Anthony Diblasi, director of Dread, Cassadaga and Missionary.
  • Basement by... um... Uwe Boll, director of Seed and Rampage.


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     22 Rue des Martyrs (The Wrap Around) 

Paris, France
Corruption of influence

What is left to attain when money and power have been conquered? Meet a group of societal elite whose only derive pleasure from two things; forcing humans into acts of unspeakable depravity and then gloating their conquests to their peers. A secret room deep in the underbelly of Paris, "The Room of Souls", will serve as axis mundi... the center of the world... for those who feed on the corruption of human nature.


Umbria, Italy
Corruption of innocence


Edmonton, Canada
Corruption of dominance

Consuming your mate makes you stronger. Ridiculous? Ask the praying mantis... ask the scorpion... ask the black widow. A cult of women, under the banner of the Latrodectus black widow, practice the ultimate form of Vorarephilia in an attempt to claim the highest form of female dominance.


Khabarovsk, Russia
Corruption of drugs

The young Anna was sold in an underground brothel for sadists, addicts and sexual perverts by her own father, but she vainly tries to run away. Her attempts to escape resulted in her punishment making her a heroin addict. Her third escape attempt results in a spectacle of torture and violence.


Vancouver, Canada
Corruption of family

John has the perfect life, the perfect marriage, but there's something he isn't telling his lovely wife. When she finds out exactly what her husband is up to most nights, the tables turn and things get extremely bloody.

    Mors in Tabula 

Berlin, Germany
Corruption of trust

A woman places her life in hands of doctor who offers her a chance for life. But, in the hands of a monster, this level of trust presents an opportunity for gratification reserved only for God.

    Tophet Quorom 

Rome, Italy
Corruption of the pure

A pious nun is abducted off the streets of Rome. Her purity eroded through weeks of torture and depravity. Her existence is rendered down to a primal, feral creature whose essence is blood and violence.


Sao Paolo, Brazil
Corruption of fame

Character, integrity, self-esteem, honor... while these are honorable traits, they become expendable in the face of the enticement of fame. For one young woman, the journey to fame will lead her down a path of degradation, ruination, defilement, and debasement. Is the pay-off worth the price?


Cape Town, South Africa
Corruption of wealth

The value of a rare metal causes unspeakable atrocities against men, women, and even children. A documentarian goes deep into Africa to give us a glimpse into the mining of coltan, the most common metal in all portable electronic devices. How many cell phones, mp3 players, tablets, etc. are in your home? How many innocent lives are you directly responsible for?

    Jigoku No Chorishi (The Hell-Chef) 

Tokyo, Japan
Corruption of curiosity

A mysterious parasol-carrying woman witnesses a young girl seducing a man back to her apartment... to murder him. But, when the young girl is unable to complete her task, the parasol-carrying woman instructs the girl on the finer points of killing and the arts of culinary cannibalism. And yet, even that does not go as planned in this tale of fetish and food.

    Sins of the Father 

Getxo, Spain
Corruption of revenge

When a son forces his father to answer for his sexual deviancy, cameras are rolling... and an audience awaits. However, which is more entertaining, justice or defilement? Will a son's hunger for revenge lead him back to hell?

    Mother May I 

Los Angeles, California
Corruption of religion

In a Catholic half-way house for wayward girls, Mabel is doing her best to please the Head Mother. Repeated acts of violent discipline against the other girls have Mabel terrified and willing to do whatever to avoid such pain. But, when a seemingly minor indiscretion brings the Head Mother's attention to Mabel, will she be willing to do what it takes to appease the nun's aggression?


Los Angeles, California
Corruption of home

A man's life in the upstairs of his house is very different from his life in the basement.


Paris, France
Corruption of hope

Tomorrow is worse than today.