Film / The Paper

The Paper is a 1994 comedy about 24 hours in the life of a New York City tabloid: New York Sun. Starring Michael Keaton and Glenn Close.

This film provides examples of:

  • Da Editor
  • Day in the Life: The film is based around one day.
  • Intrepid Reporter: An entire cast full.
  • I Always Wanted to Say That: A very well-done one occurs when Henry wants to stop the paper from going out bearing an incorrect front-page article:
    Henry: We stop and replate. Go upstairs and write up what you've got. Tell Lou to send down "They Didn't Do It".
    Michael McDougal: Hey Henry, are you going to say it? You gotta say it.
    Henry: Use the same art they used for "Gotcha!"
    Michael McDougal: Come on, how often do you get the chance? You can't just do it and not say it, come on!
    Henry: I - Stop the presses!
  • Local Angle: A Running Gag, foreign news reports will only get published in the newspaper, if they were observed or involved with anyone from New York.
  • Scandal Gate: One reporter has driven his colleagues mad with his constant assertion that he is about dig up a major story.
  • Yet Another Baby Panda: The paper always looks for a funny story to end on.