Film / The Needle

The Needle (Игла, Igla) is a 1988 Soviet film directed by Rashid Nugmanov, starring the iconic Soviet rock musician Viktor Tsoi, leader of the band Kino. Tsoi plays enigmatic Moro, who comes home to Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, to extract a debt from his old buddy Spartacus. He decides to pay a visit to his ex-girlfriend Dina, who in the latest years has become a morphine addict. Moro takes her to the Aral Sea, where she begins to recover. But when they return to Alma-Ata, the drug dealers try to ensnare them with morphine. So Moro confronts their leader, the Doctor, who tries to kill our hero. The film has since become most famous for its soundtrack (written by Tsoi), and Tsoi/Kino fans have a strong Nostalgia Filter for it.