''The Naked Truth'' is a fifties' British {{Comedy}}, starring Creator/PeterSellers and Creator/TerryThomas, about a tabloid editor/writer/blackmailer named Nigel Dennis (played by [[NamesTheSame Dennis Price]] ) whose four most recent victims gang up together to defeat him.

(For the '90s sitcom, [[Series/TheNakedTruth see here.]])

!! The film provides examples of:
* CloudCuckooLander: The Detective story writer who has a terrible time getting her hands on some Mickey Finns...
* {{Fauxreigner}}: Sonny is really English but pretends to be a Scot. At one point he pretends to be Irish, both as an inspiration for a new persona and so he can go into a pub to buy explosives from the IRA. He overdoes it so much that the patrons figure out he's really English and punch him in the face.
* GreyAndGreyMorality: Dennis is [[AffablyEvil surprisingly polite and friendly]] for a blackmailer but sufficiently slimy and heartless for the audience to root for his victims. For their part, the victims are a varied bunch. While the rest are being blackmailed for sexual impropriety of a relatively innocent and humorous nature, Sonny is hiding something legitimately bad and is an all around unpleasant person.
* ItsForABook: Played with. The writer wants to kill Dennis with a Mickey Finn and gets the idea to ask her friend, another celebrated mystery author, where she goes to find out about methods of murder for her books. Her friend directs her to what looks like/she thinks is a BadGuyBar and she starts asking around- and is immediately arrested by undercover police officers. However, she does easily get out of the situation with this excuse.
* IWasQuiteALooker: The writer, who is a GrandeDame type confesses to her daughter about being blackmailed, and alludes to an incident in her past when she was young and pretty of abandoning her husband and going wild in China.
* MasterOfDisguise: [[Creator/PeterSellers Sonny MacGregor]] is this, PlayedForLaughs
* MurderIsTheBestSolution: They tried, they tried!
* NiceCharacterMeanActor: Sonny fits this to a t. He hosts a somewhat mawkish variety show and maintains benevolence and good cheer when on stage or interacting with fans. However, in reality, he's a selfish jerk that earns money on the side as the landlord of slum housing. Also typical of the trope, he eventually breaks character and shows his true personality to the audience, when one of his guests mentions being from said slum housing.
* OldShame: The in-universe reason our four protagonists (and three hundred others!) are feeling a little frantic.
* SlippingAMickey: Four people unknowingly drink the spiked sherry together. [[IdiotBall One of whom had drunk from the very same already drugged bottles the previous day, with potent effect]].
* TapOnTheHead : Becomes a RunningGag.
-->"Sorry old boy, it's for your own good." *thunk*
* TheCastShowOff: As Sonny, Peter Sellers gets a lot of opportunity to put on different disguises and personae.