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Film: The Malibu Bikini Shop
A 1986 comedy film co-starring Bruce Greenwood and Michael David Wright.

This presentation contains examples of:

  • Blithe Spirit: Todd. He drinks directly from the carton, then pours cereal into his mouth. He and Cindy and Kathy to a lesser extent.
  • Cute but Cacophonic: Jane is a serial whiner.
  • Daddy's Girl: Jane is implied to be this. Her relationship with her mom isn't explored, but she is shown to be very close to her dad.
  • Fanservice: There are women in bikinis throughout the movie.
  • Of Corsets Funny: Near the end, to distract the police, two kids that have been helping Allen and Todd tear off Jane's dress, revealing a girdle and super-bra.
  • Spoiled Brat: Jane is definitely this.
  • Vitriolic Brothers: Todd and Alan are this at first, and don't get along well at all, but they team up later in the film.
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