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''The Expert'' is a 1995 B rated (or C... or D... [[OverlyLongGag or F]]) movie starring Jeff Speakman, very forgetable other than that it's SoBadItsGood. Within the movie, the justice system lets killers get away, prison guards are ruthless, and the police are held down with the laws. One cop, over the fear of his latest catch being sent to a minimal security prison and possibly getting out sooner than life, decides ''to break into a prison and kill the convicted man''. Of course, the villain is not staying put and has a plan to escape from the jail.

!! This movie contains examples of:
* AFoolForAClient: The BigBad is actually certain he'll eventually find a sympathetic judge or jury to send him in a less secure environment or let him go as being insane. He doesn't wait long for it to happen, though.
%%* BuddyCopShow, the stereotype.
%%* CrapSackWorld
* {{Frameup}}: The prisoner next to the BigBad seems to recognize his cellmate as the one who killed his wife and let him be convicted for it.
%%* GreatEscape
%%* HeWhoFightsMonsters
%%* TheHunterBecomesTheHunted
%%* IdiotPlot.
%%* InsanityDefense: Tried, doesn't work.
%%* ItsPersonal: [[spoiler:The inmate next to the BigBad]]
%%* NoEscapeButDown: Rooftop climax.
%%* OneManArmy: The protagonist.
* PrisonRape: Just one of the sick jokes implied by the [[AntiHero not-too-sympathetic-guards]].
%%* RevengeBeforeReason: The whole point, not exploited at all.
* TheShrink: The well-meaning but ineffective type. Dopey in the sense that she believes her client. Tries to get the BigBad out of what she sincerely believes is a SplitPersonality disorder. After seeing him commit atrocities however, she's turned into a StrawmanPolitical who sees the error of her ways and wants him fried.
* SplitPersonality: Invoked to get out of prison, not real, just part of the InsanityDefense.
%%* StrawmanPolitical: All but the main character (and maybe his partner).
* TokenMinority: TheShrink, both a woman and black, indirectly the antagonist through most of the movie. She also tends to get away with some Whitey verbal pwning. In a lesser manner, the main character's partner.
* WhatTheHellHero: Called on it, the... hero still knocks his partner out and goes for revenge.