Film: The Dead Inside

Love, possession, zombies.

An independent film made by Filmmaker Travis Betz, the director of Lo, a love story starring a demon, Sunday, a movie about two lovers who decide to spend an entire day in bed, and Fangoria's Joshua.

The Dead inside is the story of Wes, a wedding photographer, and Fi, his girlfriend and the author of a series of popular Zombie novels written from the point of view of the zombies. A third, unwelcome party in the form of a ghost comes between them, possessing Fi. The story then follows Wes's attempts to rid Fi of the ghost and also his deepening relationship with the ghost herself as well as the relationship between the zombies in Fi's stories.

The following story is a tale of love, loss, comedy and tragedy all rolled up in one with a hearty helping of song. Fans of Lo will likely enjoy it, as well as anyone who finds the idea of a love song about a zombie apocalypse attractive.