-> '''Dr. [=MacFarlane=]:''' What is Gray to me? He's a man from whom I buy what I need when I need it. The rest is forgotten.
-> '''Meg Camden:''' You may deny him, Toddy, but you'll not rid yourself of him by saying the devil's dead.

Loosely based on the short story of the same name [[http://gaslight.mtroyal.ca/body.htm (which you can read here for comparison)]], '''''The Body Snatcher''''' is a 1945 horror film directed by Creator/RobertWise, and produced by Creator/ValLewton. It is notable for being the last film to have both Creator/BorisKarloff [[TheRival and]] Creator/BelaLugosi together.

Set in Scotland in 1831, the story opens up on an aspiring young man, Donald Fettes, who is training to be a doctor under one Dr. Wolfe "Toddy" [=MacFarlane=]. However, Dr. [=MacFarlane=]'s dirty secret is he has hired a cabman, John Gray, to dig up bodies as specimens for dissection. Soon, the doctor starts to get blackmailed by his worker, who in turn began murdering to provide fresher bodies.

Not to be confused with the sci-fi movie ''Film/InvasionOfTheBodySnatchers''.


!!The film has the following tropes:

* AffablyEvil: Gray comes of as this, especially to 'Toddy' and to a paralyzed young girl he brings to see [=MacFarlane=]. Don't be fooled, beneath that he's [[FauxAffablyEvil one of the vilest characters Karloff ever portrayed]].
* AmbiguousEnding: Though he's mentioned it a couple of times, it's hard to tell if Donald Fettes chose to remain training to be a doctor, or went down a different path.
* AntiHero: [=MacFarlane=] is a type III.
* ArcWords: "You'll never get rid of me, Toddy."
* {{Blackmail}}: Joseph thinks that he'll be able to get easy money by blackmailing Gray. He gets strangled by him.
%%* DrivenToMadness
* DrJerk: [=MacFarlane=], in contrast to his student Fettes.
%%* GraveRobbing
%%* IllGirl: Georgina Marsh
* KickTheDog: Gray actually kills one before kicking it aside to dig up its master's body. His character morale goes downhill from there.
%%* LaserGuidedKarma
* MadnessMantra: ''NEVER get rid of me! NEVER get rid of me! '''NEVER get rid of me!'''''
* MarriedToTheJob: [=MacFarlane=], according to his wife.
* NiceGuy: Donald Fettes comes off as this. Georgina prefers him as her doctor over [=MacFarlane=].
* PetTheDog: Gray of all people does this when he forces [=MacFarlane=] to operate on a paralyzed girl he earlier refused to help. [[KickTheDog He also thoughtfully provides 'Toddy' with the body of a murdered blind girl for practice.]]
%%* ShadowDiscretionShot: The murder scene.
* ShovelStrike: Gray kills a dog that's barking at him when he goes to a graveyard to do his trade.
* SignatureSoundEffect: The white horse's clip-clops.
* SoundOnlyDeath: The street singer's death is signified by a sudden silence when Gray reaches her.