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Film: The Blade Master
WARNING: Objects in poster are dumber than they appear.
Ator is the avenger, the guardian of knowledge and the hope of the future. Not in that loincloth, he's not.
Kevin W. Murphy ("Tom Servo"), 'The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Amazing Colossal Episode Guide

Ator l'invincibile 2 (released in English-speaking countries as The Blade Master, Ator, the Blade Master, Cave Dwellers, and The Return) is an Italian film that was made in 1984. The movie was written and directed by Joe d'Amato. It stars Miles O'Keeffe as Ator, a man skilled in not only fighting, but in many other arts as well. It also stars Charles Borromel as Akronas, a wise ruler and teacher who is also called the Great One. Lisa Foster stars as Mila, the daughter of Akronas, and David Brandon as Zor - the principal villain of the film. The film was released in theaters as Ator the Invincible and later as Ator, the Blade Master. It received the name Cave Dwellers after it was re-edited by distributor Film Ventures International. It is the sequel to 1982's Ator l'invincible and was followed by 1986's Iron Warrior. The fourth film, Quest for the Mighty Sword, was also released as Troll 3, one of two In Name Only sequels to Troll 2. The movies were made to capitalize on the popularity of the Conan movies which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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