A 1987 thriller starring Creator/DennisQuaid and Ellen Barkin, set in (where else?) [[TheBigEasy New Orleans]].

Remy [=McSwain=] (Quaid) is a ''mostly''-honest cop investigating a series of gang killings; Anne Osborne (Barkin) is a special prosecutor for the district attorney on an anti-corruption campaign. They meet in the course of their work and quickly fall in love, but grapple over their different perspectives on justice. Meanwhile, those gang killings might not be gang killings after all, but something far more dangerous...
!!The film contains examples of:
* DirtyCop: Played with. As Creator/RogerEbert put it, "[[=McSwain=]] is an honest cop in the ways that really count and a dishonest cop in small ways he has been able to rationalize." To Anne, who is campaigning against corruption, it looks a lot worse than it probably is.
* MistakenForObjectOfAffection: After a night of lovemaking, Anne mistakes Bobby [=McSwain=] for his brother Remy, coming up behind him and pinching his ass. The brothers aren't all that identical, but given that she had no reason to expect any other man in the house and her view of Bobby was mostly of his rear end as he bent to rummage through the fridge, it is perhaps an understandable mistake.
* MistakenFromBehind: Anne sees Bobby [=McSwain=] rummaging through the fridge and mistakes him for his brother Remy, with embarrassing consequences. See MistakenForObjectOfAffection, above.