Film / The Barbarian Invasions

Les Invasions Barbares (English: The Barbarian Invasions) is a 2003 French-Canadian film, directed by Denys Arcand. The movie, a sequel to the 1986 film Le Déclin de l'Empire Américain' (The Decline of the American Empire), won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2004.


  • Betty and Veronica. Both Remy's older ex-lovers and Sebastien's love interests, though YMMV.
  • Bourgeois Bohemian. Remy and his friends.
  • Drugs Are Bad. Subverted, somewhat. Sebastien obtains heroin to ease Remy's pain, becoming a Health Care Motivation trope.
  • The Generation Gap. Between the socialist Remy and his capitalist son. Leads to Awkward Father Son Bonding Activity.
  • Mighty Whitey. Destroyed during Remy's "cretinism" monologue.
  • "Pan Up to the Sky" Ending : A bittersweet version as Remy dies.
  • The Professor. Inverted, somewhat. Instead of the guy who knows everything, Remy is portrayed as a loser.