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''The Animal'' is a 2001 comedy film starring Rob Schneider.

Marvin Mange is a man who works as evidence clerk. He is a meek and uncoordinated person who gets bullied by his neighbor's dog and Sgt. Sisk. While doing some work, he gets a call from a police officer about a robbery. Unfortunately for him, no one is coming there and Marvin is forced to go there by himself.

While going to the scene of the crime, he gets into a car accident where he is completely crushed. That is, until he is rebuilt as a man with animal parts and their instincts. It helps a lot in his work though, and he's promoted to full officer - then vicious attacks on the townspeople are attributed to a supposed beast-man, making Marvin the prime suspect...

!!Tropes included

* AlliterativeName - Marvin Mange.
%%* AnimalMotifs - Natch.
* AssShove - Marvin's newfound powers allow him to sniff out some drugs on, or rather IN an airline passenger.
%%* BabiesEverAfter
%%* BlackBestFriend - Miles
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: Defied - [[spoiler:when Miles takes the blame for everything Marvin did, everyone in the Mob goes from "KILL THE BEAST" to "I'm not gonna be part of a mob that killed a Black Guy." leaving Miles calling them racist as they walk away.]]
%%* BodyHorror - Kind of.
* BrickJoke - Yolanda from the badger milk commercial [[spoiler:gets married to the MadScientist - while getting her own animal upgrade.]]
%%* ButtMonkey - Sweet mercy, Marvin.
* ChekhovsGun - Miles and his wild theories on PositiveDiscrimination [[spoiler:saves Marvin's ass ''and'' his own in the end.]]
%%* JerkAss - Sgt. Sisk
%%* LegoGenetics
* MyInstinctsAreShowing[=/=]TheMindIsAPlaythingOfTheBody
%%* MythologyGag - "That's a HUGE bitch!"
* RedHerring - Towards the climax, three RedHerring cliffhangers set up the reveal of three possible suspects: [[spoiler:Marvin's friend, the MadScientist himself, and even Ed Asner's police chief character. It turns out to be Marvin's girlfriend.]]
%%* RunningOnAllFours
%%* SuperpowerLottery
%%** SuperSenses
%%** SuperStrength
%%** SuperSpeed
%%* UnfortunateNames: Marvin Mange.
* UngratefulBastard: Miles saves the man on his trail, but he still tries to kill him!