Film: Taeter City

Taeter City is a 2012 science fiction/splatter film made by the Italian independent movie producer Necrostorm.

In Taeter City, everything is managed by the Authority, which is a sort of dictatorship. In Taeter City, there is no crime and no riots. Why, yes why? The Authority uses a special radio wave system called Zeed. The radio waves alter the brains of criminals, forcing them to commit suicide. A special police corps called the Bikers have to finish the criminals off if they are still alive and deliver their corpses to slaughterhouses of the Authority. These supply the popular mega fast food chain Taeter Burger with the human flesh products they need to feed the masses.

But now, a criminal has appeared who is immune to the Zeed waves. His name is Trevor Kowalski. The Zeed waves have altered his body, and now he is able to emit screams that are equal to those of the Zeed system, his screams can make people violent or can make them commit suicide. The Authority sends the three bikers Razor, Shock and Wank on a mission to kill Trevor.

The DVD can only be bought at the Necrostorm website, here.At the Necrostorm youtube channel, the trailer and a six-minute preview of the film can be seen.

This movie contains examples of: