Film: Swept Away (2002)

Swept Away is a 2002 update of the 1974 film of the same name, starring Madonna and Adriano Giannini and directed by Madonna's then-husband Guy Ritchie.

Amber Leighton (Madonna) is a spoiled sociailite in her mid-40s who goes on a boating trip with her husband and friends in the Italian country. She begins a love-hate relationship with one of the crew members, Guiseppe (Giannini), who keep getting at each other's throats during the trip. When a thunderstorm takes place, Amber and Guiseppe find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island, and while try to find their way home, the two begin to fall in love.

The film was universally panned by critics and was a box office disaster, grossing less than $600,000 in the United States. It's poor reception gave the film a straight to DVD release around the world, and permanently ended Madonna's career as an actress.

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