''Spiral'' is a 2007 PsychologicalHorror film directed by Joel David Moore and Adam Green and starring Creator/ZacharyLevi and Moore. Moore is Mason, a troubled telemarketer and artist prone to panic attacks. His childhood friend, Berkeley (Levi), is also his boss, and covers for him. Mason meets Amber at work and falls for her. He begins making paintings of her, but there is something darker below Mason's obsession with painting her...

Not to be confused with the live-action adaptation of ''Manga/{{Uzumaki}}''.

!!This film exhibits the following tropes:

* AmbiguousDisorder: Mason is obviously suffering from severe social anxiety that triggers panic attacks.
* BeleagueredChildhoodFriend: Mason for Berkeley.
* CatapultNightmare: Mason frequently wakes up with these and an asthma attack.
* DoorOfDoom: The door in the back of Mason's apartment glows ominously in several scenes. [[spoiler:It may be where Mason kills his victims]].
* DressHitsFloor: The shot we get as Amber rises from her first nude portrait sitting.
* ItAlwaysRainsAtFunerals: There's a beautiful overhead shoot of umbrellas as a grieving child weaves his way through them when Mason visits [[spoiler:his mother's]] grave.
* {{Jazz}}: Mason has an obsession with it and how it requires strict rules that must be broken. It may also be influenced by his parents [[spoiler:and his mother's death]].
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: Amber plays this role. [[spoiler:She may even literally be a dream girl depending on whether Berkeley is right with his final conclusion.]]
* WellDoneSonGuy: Mason painted all of the Jazz postcards to impress his father [[spoiler:who is in prison for killing Mason's mother]].