''Space Truckers'' is a 1996 film by Stuart Gorton starring Creator/DennisHopper, Stephen Dorff, Debi Mazar and Creator/CharlesDance.

It is also a sci-fi comedy involving [[OnlyElectricSheepAreCheap Square Pigs]], [[SpaceTrucker Truckers]] InSpace, KillerRobot {{Cyborg}}s, and a CorruptCorporateExecutive upgrading to PresidentEvil.

Either way your mileage may vary as to whether or not it is SoBadItsGood or So Bad It's Horrible ([[TakeAThirdOption or if it's actually okay]]).

Not to be confused with ''Film/SpaceCowboys''.


* CatchAndReturn: One of the {{Killer Robot}}s catches a grenade thrown at it, then starts spinning wildly and tosses the grenade right back. Partly justified, since it's a machine.
* ClassicallyTrainedExtra: Creator/CharlesDance sacrificed his dignity to play a cyborg space pirate with a chainsaw-like motorised penis (complete with rip cord).
* DangerRoomColdOpen: With a very dark twist: The attack on the base with the BigBad and MadScientist in it at the start was just a demonstration of the Cyborg's combat power. But it wasn't a simulation. They really did let the Cyborg slaughter dozens of their own {{Mook}}s, in highly gruesome ways, as part of the test.
* DinerBrawl: Takes place in the greasy spoon below.
* GreasySpoon: That floats in space with a spinning donut shape to keep gravity going, a la ''[[Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey 2001]]'' (along with the white colour scheme). Keeping with the trend of mixing truckers and trucker culture with sci-fi.
* KarmicJackpot?: The BigBad gives the heroes a BriefcaseFullOfMoney and the paperwork for a new rig (on the launch pad and ready to go). Of course, this is the same guy who turned the creations of the MadScientist against him, so the audience knows something is up. The heroes fight about keeping '''really''' dirty money for a job they didn't actually do...
-->'''John Canyon''': ''You two don't get it do you? If you don't take this money and shut up about what happened, they're gonna come after you and you'll disappear! Now, you got to take it!''\\
'''Mike Pucci''': ''We "got" to take the money. We "got" to take this, and become company butt boys for the rest of our lives.''\\
'''John Canyon''': ''I want to make sure that you understand the facts.''\\
'''Mike Pucci''': ''You're gonna take it, John? Are you going to take it?''\\
'''John Canyon''': ''No! But I don't want you to end up like me!''\\
'''Mike Pucci''': ''God forbid.'' (throws case out window)\\
'''Scrags''': (presses button to detonate case just as case hits limo)\\
'''Briefcase''': '''''[[HoistByHisOwnPetard BOOM]]'''''\\
'''Heroes''': (look out window)\\
'''Mike Pucci''': ''Somebody fragged Scrags.''\\
'''John Canyon''': ''You know, I think it was us!''
* KillerRobot: The "[[AMechByAnyOtherName cyborgs]]" with {{Energy Weapon}}s for [[UnusualWeaponMounting heads]], BladesBelowTheShoulder (in sword, claw, and scissor configurations), and AbnormalLimbRotationRange allowing them to rotate their neck and compress into a disturbing travel form.
* MadeOfIron: Nabel manages to be the only person to survive a direct upclose attack by a cyborg, and while fatally wounded in a later second attack, still lived long enough to tell John about them.
* MadScientist: Nabel
* MechaMooks: Scrags has Nabel build him an army of {{Killer Robot}}s as a backup plan, in case his negotiations to buy out the Earth government break down. According to Nabel, the robots are activated in waves: 1, 2, 4, 8... Considering what even one of those things can do, it's pretty clear that an army of these things is unstoppable.
* MegaCorp: Scrags has enough money and influence to ''buy out the entire Earth government''.
* MegaMawManeuver: The pirate spaceship has a giant maw that swallows smaller ships.
* MohsScaleOfSciFiHardness: surprisingly hard. No artificial gravity except for magnetic boots and rotating space stations; space suits are in common use; there is no FasterThanLightTravel at all (the entire movie takes place within Earth's solar system); and even in the late 22nd century, spacecraft are still launched into space using booster rockets. Everyone freaks out when someone pulls a gun inside a pressurized space vehicle; on the other hand, what Hollywood Science there is is mostly played for laughs and one-off gags.
* OneManArmy: In the opening, a single cyborg in successive order takes down an armoured vehicle, an outpost, a gunship and at such rapid rate that the scientists believe it merely to be communication problems only for it to stand outside the room and massacre it's way through a heavily-armed security force without so much being slowed.
* OneNationUnderCopyright: The BigBad ends up buying out the Earth government and privatizing it with him as the new President of Earth.
* SpacePirate: The protagonists go "off-road" in order to avoid being stopped by the authorities, but end up getting captured by a giant pirate ship which literally swallows them. These pirates were complete with cybernetic false limbs and a skull-and-crossbones flag.
* SpaceTrucker: Since it's the damn ''title,'' you can sure bet that it's invoking this trope.
* SupernaturallyYoungParent: Cindy's mother turns out to look Cindy's age because she spent the last few decades as a HumanPopsicle due to being terminally ill. Cindy's main goal in the movie is to make enough money to cure her mother. John is instantly smitten with her and forgets all about Cindy (who's fallen for Mike anyway).
* TooDumbToLive: Nabel. He tells Scrags how the cyborg who just murdered hundreds of employees is only loyal to Scrags who plans to use and a whole army of them to invade Earth, and doesn't expect to be made ''deniable''. Subverted in that Nabel survived the cyborg's attack, using cybernetics to heal himself and becomes a pirate.
* UsedFuture: very much so.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness:
--> '''Scrags:''' If I could, I'd promote you on the spot. But I'm afraid all this has to be deniable. Which means ''you'' have to be deniable.
* WeCanRebuildHim: The MadScientist that created the killer robots was betrayed by turning his creations against him. Fortunately he was able to rebuild himself, turning into a grotesque mish-mash of man and machine, later taking up a new life as a pirate.