[[caption-width-right:300:"In the 1930s, an artist and his models scandalized a nation with their controversial paintings. For a young couple, meeting them was the experience of a lifetime."]]

->"''Be seduced''"
-->-- '''{{Tagline}}'''

''Sirens'' is a 1993 drama film written and directed by John Duigan, starring Creator/HughGrant, Creator/TaraFitzgerald, and Creator/SamNeill.

Set in Australia between the two World Wars, the film follows Anthony Campion (Grant), a British Anglican priest, on holiday in Australia with his wife Estella (Fitzgerald). Anthony has been asked by a bishop to visit the artist Norman Lindsey (Neill) when his paintings have been declared too vulgar and offensive to be used in an exhibition. When visiting the artist's home, the couple are baffled and almost attracted by the free and loose ways that Lindsey's models (the "sirens" of the title) flaunt their sexuality. The film acts as a study into the psyche of Estella's mind as she fantasizes and begins to act on her impulses.

This was one of three films that brought Hugh Grant to the attention of American audiences. Also features Creator/PortiaDeRossi (in her film debut) and [=supermodel=] [[Creator/ElleMacPherson Elle [=MacPherson=]]] in the cast.

!! "Be seduced by these tropes":

* AcceptableFeminineGoals: Played straight with Sheela and Giddy who wish to be an artist and actress respectively. Averted with Pru who wants to be an aviatrix.
* AllJustADream: Estella assumes her [[spoiler: midnight lovemaking session with Devlin]] is this. She's wrong.
* AllWomenAreLustful: Rather the film puts across the message that all women ''should'' be lustful.
* AlphaBitch: Sheela seems to show traits of this.
* ArmorPiercingResponse: Rose has one for Tony. He describes Estella as being as far removed from Lindsay's models as "animal is from vegetable". Rose's response?
--> "Which is she, Mr Campion? Animal or vegetable?"
* BitchAlert: Pru and Sheila's introduction is being condescending to Giddy and making barbs at Estella. Pru cements it by being needlessly mean to Estella at dinner.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: All of the models, with Rose and Estella included that adds two more brunettes.
* BritishStuffiness: Hugh Grant's character, coupled with being a minister. Subverted in a way when we see that the people in the Australian town are like this as well, judging by their attitude when Lindsey's models walk into the bar.
* CheerfulChild: Norman and Rose's two daughters.
* ColourCodedForYourConvenience: The models. Pru and Sheela are always shown in bold and bright colours to reflect how open they are about their sexuality while Estella is shown in softer and more subdued colours to reflect how repressed she is. Giddy is shown in a lot of white to reflect her innocence.
* CorruptTheCutie: Anthony is worried about Pru and Sheela doing this to Giddy. [[spoiler: When Giddy poses nude]] he appears very sad about it.
* CostumePorn: Justified in this case since the models are wearing costumes for paintings of mythological creatures. They also wear them into town for fun.
* EnthrallingSiren: Sheila and Pru act as these to Estella and Giddy with regards to their sexuality. Giddy references the Sirens themselves and tells Anthony and Estella about them.
* FanDisservice: The scene where Estella imagines herself naked in the middle of the Church. It's hard to get off to it when you see her so terrified and trying to cover herself up.
* {{Fanservice}}: There are a lot of gorgeous naked women in this movie.
* FieryRedhead: Sheila is a tame example. She has plenty of barbs to throw around but she doesn't have much of a temper.
* GenkiGirl: Giddy of course. Sheela is actually quite perky too.
* GrowingUpSucks: A variation that also serves as a deconstruction. Anthony believes in a woman's innocence and virtue such as with Giddy and Estella, and he is notably very sad when [[spoiler: Giddy decides to pose nude]]. However the film portrays this as a natural thing. Embracing sexuality is used as positive character growth.
* HairOfGoldHeartOfGold: Giddy is blonde haired and the most innocent of all the models.
* HappilyMarried: Rose and Lindsey. Anthony and Estella too, and really happy by the end.
* ImagineSpot: Several. Estella notably imagines herself playing with the village boys after the models try to do so.
* ItsNotPornItsArt
* KnowNothingKnowItAll:
** Pru, who's full of 'information' about Communist Russia and the Industrial Revolution. She and Sheela treat Giddy as if she is this when - perhaps ironically - Giddy does know a few things.
** Hugh Grant described Tony as such - as a man who thinks he's trendy and progressive. But who would become "hopeless" once he was confronted with a naked Elle Macpherson.
* LatinLover: Devlin.
* LettingHerHairDown:
** A variation where Estella's bobbed hair is usually shown drawn back behind her ears but when she [[spoiler: discovers herself in the painting]] it's much looser reflecting her new attitude.
** In a straighter example, Rose's hair is seen down more often when we find out she still models for her husband's paintings.
* MadonnaWhoreComplex: Deconstructed. Rose and Lindsey discuss how Pagan religions praise sexuality but the Christian church made it into a shameful thing and how it is used to make women second-class citizens. Giddy and Estella view Pru and Sheela as Whores for how they act but the film has the two of them coming to embrace their own sexuality. It's seen as a sign of positive growth when they do so. It also briefly shows that Pru and Sheela are annoyed with the way the village people look down on them. And of course Rose is still a loving wife and mother, and has no problem posing nude for paintings.
* MeaningfulName: "Giddy" is certainly very much so. "Sheila" is also an Australian slang word for an alluring woman.
* MoodWhiplash: A soft and calm daydream sequence in the church gets immediately jolted into a different mood completely when Estella imagines she's naked in public.
* NiceMeanAndInBetween: Giddy is the nice, Pru is the mean and Sheila is in-between.
* NippleAndDimed: Subverted in-universe where the church doesn't necessarily mind the nudity in Lindsay's paintings, only when it's coupled with other controversial subject matter. TruthInTelevision - at the time, nudity in paintings was fine for fairies, nymphs, goddesses, angels etc. However regular women being painted nude...big no-no.
* ObfuscatingDisability: The blind handyman isn't really blind.
* OldMaid: Despite being married, Estella fits this quite close since there is no passion in her marriage.
* RapunzelHair: All the models, Norman's wife included. Presumably this is to contrast with Estella's bobbed hair to show their freer personalities.
* ReallyGetsAround: Sheela, according to Giddy.
--> "They're ''very'' common."
* RuleOfThree
* RunningGag: Subverted. Sheela and Giddy say their fathers were killed by sharks. When Pru starts to talk about her father's death, Estella assumes it was a shark as well, but he was "blown to bits in a battle." This starts a second gag however as both Pru and Sheela only ever found missing limbs of their fathers. But there is a brief clip of a shark attack in the paper, fulfiling the first gag.
* SceneryPorn: Some beautiful shots of Australian mountains and countryside. The final scene has a wonderful high shot of a cliff.
* ShrinkingViolet: Estella. Also discussed by Anthony and Lindsey. Lindsey himself admits that he is one and that he hides in his own fantasy world of his paintings.
* SwingLowSweetHarriet: Lindsay has a swing; the models use it.
* {{Tomboy}}: There's one scene where the village boys are shown playing in the river with a tomboyish girl.
* TwentiesBobHaircut: Estella has one but, seeing LongHairIsFeminine, it's used to illustrate her repressed nature.
* WalkingShirtlessScene: Devlin, who is frequently either shirtless or in the nude.
* WomanInWhite: Giddy's costume is a long white dress. We notably don't see her in white [[spoiler: after she poses nude]].