'''''Sidekicks''''' is a 1992 film about a kid named Barry Gabrewski who has asthma. He has a lot of daydreams about being ChuckNorris' sidekick, the two of them battling against Norris' movie enemies who are often personified by Barry's school bullies. He lives with his father Jerry Gabrewski, a widower.

Barry is taught martial arts by an old Chinese man called Mr. Lee ({{Creator/Mako}}), the sly uncle of his teacher Ms. Noreen Chan (Julia Nickson-Soul). Mr. Lee decides to teach Barry some martial arts so that he can defend himself from the bullies, foremost among those being Randy Cellini. Barry later enters a tournament where he confronts his bullies and gets to fight alongside Chuck Norris after all.

Not to be confused with the comic {{Sidekick}}. or the 1974 movie starring LarryHagman and LouisGossettJr.
!!This film provides examples of:

* AlasPoorYorick: The literature teacher uses this quote to quiz Randy. He asks what the quote is from, and Randy replies, "It's from Literature/TheBible, isn't it?"
* AllJustADream: Barry's many, many daydreams about being in a Chuck Norris film fall into this.
* ArchEnemy: For some reason, Stone has it in for Chuck Norris, though Norris knows who he is, so they've likely met before. It may be jealousy, or maybe he's just an overconfident jerkass who thinks Chuck's skills are overrated. Either way, Stone gets his ass handed to him in a match with Chuck during the karate tournament.
* BrickBreak: The final challenge in the karate tournament is for Barry to break NINE bricks.
** Mr. Lee also douses them with lighter fluid and sets them on fire, saying, "this will help [you]." ''[[FridgeLogic Why did the officials let him do that?]]''
** Because setting bricks on fire actually makes them easier to break.
* CaptainErsatz: A chunk of the plot is far too similar to the plot of ''The Karate Kid''.
* DeusExMachina: Chuck Norris joining Jerry in the karate tournament.
* DontYouDarePityMe: Barry basically says this when Lauren talks to Barry about the other kids picking on him.
* DrinkOrder
--> '''Chuck Norris''': Bartender, make mine milk too.
* DullSurprise: David Born as he's lit up.
* EmbarrassingNickName: Barry is given the nickname "Mr. Dumpling" by Mr. Lee. It doesn't seem so bad on its own, but keep in mind that Mr. Lee decided on this after rejecting other ideas like "Barry the Leopard" and "Barry the Tiger", and that the reason he named him "Mr. Dumpling" is because Barry kept getting hit by dumplings he tossed at him.
* [[HotForStudent Hot for Teacher]]: This was probably unintentional, but Ms. Chan keeps appearing as a DamselInDistress in Barry's Chuck Norris fantasies. Thankfully, she is eventually replaced by his more age-appropriate crush, Lauren.
* {{Jerkass}}: Stone.
* KungFuKid
* MagicalAsian
* OldMaster: Possibly Mr. Lee, though in fairness, he doesn't look ''that'' old and his age is never given.
* PlotHole: At the tournament, Barry's team wins the breaking, men's fighting, and weapons categories and comes in second in the women's kata. Stone Dojo won women's kata and took second in fighting and breaking. Even assuming they took second in weapons, how are the two teams tied in points?
* SadistTeacher: PE Teacher. Although he does complement Barry once he stands up to Randy during class.
* SelfInsertFic: The protagonist never stops fantasizing about Chuck Norris (in one scene his thoughts of Chuck actually spurs him to climb the rope in PE class), Chuck himself is nearly unbeatable in the tournament and the villains in the movie highly dislike him.
* ThrowingOffTheDisability: [[spoiler:Subverted.]] Barry has asthma. He convinces himself that with enough willpower, he can beat an asthma attack on his own and throws away his inhaler. After a brief daydream involving him being in a torture session involving chains being tightened around his chest, [[spoiler:we cut to him in the hospital]].
** Eventually played straight later on; Mr. Lee visits Barry in the hospital, and comments that Barry was training too hard, at too fast a pace. This convinces Lee that Barry is serious about wanting to train, and works Barry at a slower pace. During one of their later running sessions, Barry unknowingly leaves his inhalor behind, which Lee retrieves with some amusement.
* TrainingMontage: Barry training with Mr. Lee.
* WhatTheFuAreYouDoing: Mr. Lee has Barry training with nunchuku. While learning, Barry manages to [[GroinAttack nail himself in the groin]] and the head.