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[[caption-width-right:350:[[Film/{{Jaws}} Does this look familiar to you?]]]]

Sharks... [[AC:In Venice!!]] A 2008 natural horror movie directed by Danny Lerner and starring Stephen Baldwin.

David Franks, renowned diver, shark expert, and college lecturer, and his fiance dash off to Venice to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his father, who was doing some equally mysterious diving. It turns out that he was working for the mafia looking for the lost treasure of Creator/MarcoPolo, which is conveniently hidden down an underwater tunnel just off the Canal Grande. He refuses to pick up where his father left off, and is soon being pursued by said mafia until he is forced to change his mind, with his fiance’s life on the line.

[[EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks Also, SHARKS!!]]

The sequel to ''Film/SharkAttack3Megalodon'' that nobody wanted.

What ''Film/{{Jaws}}'' managed to achieve with stock footage and a mechanical shark, this movie managed to [[SpecialEffectFailure fail miserably at]] with all of that, plus some [[ConspicuousCG extremely unconvincing CGI.]]

!!''Shark In Venice'' provides examples of:

%%* BadBadActing
* CaliforniaDoubling: The film was mostly shot in Bulgaria.
* FanDisservice: Quite a few {{Shirtless Scene}}s featuring our extremely flabby hero.
%%* EverythingsEvenWorseWithSharks
%%* TheMafia
* MisplacedWildlife: Sharks... [[AC:In Venice!!]]
* NonindicativeName: A more accurate title would be ''Sharks In Venice''.
* [[RecycledInSPACE Recycled In VENICE]]
* StockFootage: 80% of the shark scenes are this.