Film: Samurai Reincarnation

Samurai Reincarnation aka Makai Tenshou is a 1981 Jidai Geki film starring Kenji Sawada, Tetsuro Tamba and Sonny Chiba, directed by Kinji Fukasaku.

It is partially based on the true story of the Shimabara Rebellion (where 15,000 Christians rose against the Shogunate but were ultimately killed), but picks up where that story ends, twisting it into a crazy Religious Horror story. Shiro Amakusa, the young rebel leader of the Christians, rises from he dead, and looks upon the bodies of his fallen Christian comrades, deciding to forsake God and sell his soul to Satan in exchange for unlimited power. He uses this power to create an army of people frustrated with the Tokugawa Shogunate to enact revenge. Only Miyamoto Musashi and Yagyu Jubei stand in his way.

Tropes that encompass Samurai Reincarnation include: