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Film: Rubin And Ed
"My cat can eat a whole watermelon!"

Rubin and Ed is a 1991 Independent film starring Crispin Glover and Howard Hesseman, directed by Trent Harris. An offbeat and often-trippy comedy, it tells the story of self-imposed hermit Rubin (Glover) and middle-aged pyramid scheme recruiter Ed (Hesseman). Ed is desperate to find someone that he can drag to his group's upcoming seminar. Meanwhile, Rubin's mother is nagging him to make a friend and bring said friend over to dinner. While on their respecive missions, the two men meet. Hilarity Ensues. Weirdness Ensues too. The plot winds up going in an unexpected direction, and our heroes spend most of the movie lost in an arid Utah desert.

It's a character study, a road comedy, and (ultimately) a story about two lost souls trying to make their way in the world.

Fun Fact: Although the movie came out in 1991, Crispin Glover created the Rubin character years before. In his Andy Kaufman-esque stunt on Letterman's show, he appeared in-character as Rubin (well, we think it was a stunt; it's just as possible that Glover is just plain weird).

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