[[caption-width-right:299:Love is never having to say you're sorry you made a sex tape with a woman then mailed it to your girlfriend.]]

Born in the white-hot fury of the late-'90s, early-2000s teen-sex-comedy boom, ''Road Trip'' is the story of young Josh Parker and the consequences of one night's craziness.

Josh's long-term, long-distance girlfriend Tiffany has got silent on him, and so, believing she is dumping him, he accepts the advances of the beautiful Beth Wagner. The next morning, after Beth has left, Josh's friends E.L., Rubin Carver and Barry Manilow (not ''the'' [[NamesTheSame Barry Manilow]], [[UnfortunateNames mind you]]) come to investigate. Josh reveals that Beth videotaped their amorous adventures, evidence that his friends demand to see. [[UnfortunateItemSwap Of course, the tape sitting on the TV contains a romantic message Josh recorded for Tiffany - the "Beth tape" is in an envelope winging its way to Austin, Texas.]] Right as this realization sinks in, the phone rings - it's Tiffany, apologizing for not answering Josh's calls, as her beloved grandfather just died suddenly. Josh realizes there's only one option: get to Austin before the envelope and prevent Tiffany from ever seeing it.

Thus begins the wacky adventures of Josh, E.L., Rubin and Kyle - the one who actually owns the car - as they travel 1800 miles to try and save Josh's relationship. A quest that will take them through jumping broken bridges in a Ford Taurus, pretending to be members of a national black fraternity, stealing a schoolbus from a blind chick and discovering why you shouldn't send food back at greasy-spoon diners.

Released in 2000, ''Road Trip'' is one of Creator/ToddPhillips's earliest films.

Got followed up by an unrelated straight to DVD sequel in 2009 called ''Road Trip: Beer Pong'' which focused on a road trip to a beer pong tournament. It only features one significant cast member from the first film (Creator/DJQualls).
!!Provides examples of:

* ADateWithRosiePalms: Purely for the purpose of selling the results for gas money.
** At the start of the film, when they go to get Kyle, EL suspects he's in the middle of this. [[CrowningMomentOfFunny He's right.]]
* AllMenArePerverts: Mentioned in the ShowerScene by a topless woman.
* AssShove: Happens to E.L. at the sperm bank when he asks the nurse for "assistance". It does provide him with the [[JizzedInMyPants best orgasm he's ever had.]] This is even given a CallBack at the end of the movie when he's bent over again, this time asking for three fingers.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: Rubin's sophisticated calculations for the bridge jump. And it worked out ... kinda. He only predicted that they would make it across, he didn't say anything about the axles breaking or the vehicle exploding after succeeding in the jump.
* BachelorAuction: One of the extremely rare bachelorette versions, although the auctioneer is careful to point out that purchasing the woman in question in no way confers any suggestion that sex will result.
* BlatantLies: ''"1600s? It says 1951." - "That's the address. OK?"''
* BreadEggsMilkSquick: Rubin and E.L. list off reasons in an attempt to [[NotCheatingUnlessYouGetCaught justify Josh's cheating on Tiffany]]. And then comes [[BestialityIsDepraved Kyle's turn]]...
* ButtMonkey: Poor Kyle.
* CatapultNightmare: Josh has two of them. Early on, after waking from his bad dream where he envisions his girl friend making out with another dude in the open. Another one when staying at the Manilows'. He has a third one in a deleted extension of that scene.
* CloudCuckoolander: Barry. Witness both The Feeding and the Animal Song. Plus, of course, the RunningGag of "Austin... Massachusetts?"
* CoolOldGuy: Grandpa Manilow.
* DontExplainTheJoke: Kyle's joke about dogs and their testicles goes awry because of him repeating the punch line.
* DontTryThisAtHome: Even if the Taurus hadn't mysteriously exploded, the impact would almost certainly have destroyed the chassis and suspension.
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale: The random guy in Boston who had been mistakenly accused of cheating on his girlfriend is shown to get a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown by said girlfriend with never-the-less a '''baseball bat'''. How does the crowd who witnesses the situation reacts? They simply just gather around and watched as if the guy deserves it, [[DisproportionateRetribution all because he supposedly cheated]].
* EruditeStoner: Rubin smokes pot regularly, but is neither brain-fried nor paranoid. In fact, he is intelligent, polite and clean-cut. Erudite, to the point of being able to bluff his way into the Xi Chi frat house - despite it being a national black fraternity.
** This was taken to the point of IntelligenceEqualsIsolation, as Rubin also mentions how, until he started smoking pot to mellow himself out, he was the only kid to have panic attacks as a result of the Gulf War, being prescribed an adult dosage of Xanax.
* EveryCarIsAPinto: Jumping a broken bridge with a Ford Taurus, the group is dismayed when the wheels fall off. They start to hike to find help - when the car explodes.
* FaceCam: Upon Kyle during the fraternity house party.
* {{Fainting}}: Kyle can't take the KKK joke.
* FanService: An unusual LeaningOnTheFourthWall variety. See ShowerScene.
** And, of course, Creator/AmySmart topless.
* FlippingTheBird: The blind girl.
* FollowTheLeader: A strange example - this film came only two years after ''Film/OvernightDelivery'' and has an very similar plot, but ''Overnight Delivery'' was a direct-to-video release, hardly a big success. If there were a little less space between them it would be DuelingMovies.
* FourManBand:
** OnlySaneMan: Josh
** TheSmartGuy: Rubin
** The Pervert: E.L.
** ButtMonkey: Kyle
* FourTemperamentEnsemble
** Josh is sanguine
** E.L. is choleric
** Kyle is melancholic
** Rubin is phlegmatic
* FramingDevice: Barry tells the story in flashbacks.
* GilliganCut: ''"Are there any guys out there who are just normal??!"'' - cut to Barry and his snake.
* TheGruntingOrgasm: E.L. during a... special medical inspection.
* HomePornMovie: The cause of all trouble.
* IrrevocableMessage: Not exactly a message, but the main character thinks he accidentally sent a sex tape of him cheating on his girlfriend. The main plot is the gang traveling to get the tape back.
* KnightTemplarParent: Kyle's dad.
* TheLastStraw: Scott's character demonstrates he can spit across a ten-foot wide broken bridge. He did, but causing the other end of the bridge to collapse from his spit.
* LimitedWardrobe: The guys all end up wearing the same clothes for several days due to their luggage being destroyed [[EveryCarIsAPinto in the explosion]]. It's noticeable with Josh, whose sweatshirt gets dirtier and sweatier as the film progresses.
* MaleGaze: During the ShowerScene, a woman is explaining how AllMenArePerverts. As she continues the explaination the camera zooms in on her breasts, until they're all we can see. When another girl picks up the thread of her complaints, the camera pans over to her - still with an extremely tight focus on her breasts.
* MusicalisInterruptus: The dramatic music during the OrbitalKiss at the end stops with a RecordNeedleScratch when Barry and the red-haired lady come to their senses.
* NerdGlasses: The motel clerk.
* NippleAndDimed: Boobs!
* LongDistanceRelationship: Josh and Tiffany have one.
* OrbitalKiss: In the film's finale. Played for laughs with the transition from Josh/Beth to Berry/red-haired Lady.
* PapaWolf: Kyle's insanely strict father takes this one a bit too far.
* PowerWalk: Towards the end. Played for laughs with Kyle stumbling and almost falling.
* TheQuest
* RagingStiffie: Grandpa Manilow and the goddamn Viagra.
* RoadTripPlot: Unsurprisingly.
* SecretHandshake: How Rubin get them into the fraternity house.
* SexAsRiteOfPassage: Kyle experiences this after scoring with Rhonda. It allows him to stand up to his father.
* ShowerScene: Described by one of the characters and shown to the viewer - put on pause when an actual woman questioned it, the question is Hand Waved and we return to naked goodness.
* StalkerWithACrush: [[JerkAss Jacob]] is a very creepy example of this when it comes to Beth.
* TalkingAnimal: Grandpa Manilow's dog.
* TinyGuyHugeGirl: Kyle and Rhonda.
* UnfortunateItemSwap: With the video tapes. There would have been no plot without it.
* UnfortunateNames: Barry's last name is revealed about halfway through to be Manilow.
* UnratedEdition: Minor changes, mostly the extension of the ShowerScene.
* UnreliableNarrator: The main story is told through the eyes of Barry, a campus tour guide who's [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} not playing with a full deck]]. Barry wasn't even present on the titular road trip. As such, the story has some highly improbable elements.
* UnsatisfiableCustomer: InvertedTrope. Kyle asks meekly on a diner for his toast to have some sugar removed from it. [[{{Squick}} The cook]] ''[[{{Squick}} licks it clean]]'' and ''[[{{Squick}} takes a dump on it, farts and all]]''.
* VomitDiscretionShot: Josh's girlfriend is about to vomit during his nightmare vision, but then wakes up.
* WackyFratboyHijinx: The boys of Xi Chi plant a Klan hood on Kyle, accusing him of bigotry. When Kyle faints in terror, the boys reveal it to be a prank and a loud party ensues.
* WatchThePaintJob: The precious Ford Taurus.
* WildTeenParty: A relatively mild example near the beginning, with a good-natured "girl auction" taking place in the front room and an least one group upstairs experimenting with lesbianism and group sex.
* YouHaveWaitedLongEnough: E.L. does this on Josh, directing him to Beth.
* YourCheatingHeart: Josh cheats on his long-distant girlfriend by sleeping with Beth.