Film / Repo Chick

"You guys are repo men. Man, I saw a movie about you."

Disinherited by her family for one public scandal too many, spoiled heiress Pixxi de la Chasse reluctantly goes to work for a repossession company to make ends meet. Turns out she's really, really good at it. Looking to make a quick score, she fixates on a missing train with a one million dollar bounty - not realizing that the caboose is filled with WMD's and a squad of eco-terrorists to boot.

A semi/demi/quasi/not-really Stealth Sequel-cum-remake of Alex Cox's 1984 Cult Classic Repo Man. Shot in ten days on green screen for $180,000, and set in a world of model trains and Matchbox cars, it substitutes celebutards for punk rockers and Terrorists Without a Cause for Men in Black alien hunting.

This movie provides examples of: