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->'''Ridzik''': About this pile-of-shit pimp in here. In this country, we try to protect the rights of individuals. It's called the [[MirandaRights Miranda Act]], and it says that you can't even touch his ass.
->'''Danko''': I do not want to touch his ass. I want to make him talk!

''Red Heat'' is a 1988 action film directed by Creator/WalterHill and produced by Creator/CarolcoPictures.

After failing to catch Georgian drug dealer Viktor Rostavili (shortened to "Rosta"), who shot his partner in the process, Soviet cop Ivan Danko (Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger) is tasked to follow Rosta into the United States and bring him back. There Danko is forced to be a partner to the [[CowboyCop loose cannon]] UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}} cop Art Ridzik (Creator/JamesBelushi), and they both have to learn to work together. It became a minor cult classic in Russia, largely because Ahnold + the Russian langugage = HilarityEnsues.

!!This film has examples of:

* TheBackwardsR: Used on the opening credits.
* BaldBlackLeaderGuy: Abdul Elijah, leader of The Cleanheads.
* BilingualBonus: A BreakingTheFourthWall one when Danko enters the Gavin Motel.
-->'''Danko:''' Danko.
-->'''Clerk:''' You're welcome!
* BottomlessMagazines:
** Rosta manages to fire several shots with a single-shot derringer in a row.
** Same with Danko's Smith & Wesson Model 29, which can shoot 18 times without reloading. In real life, the model 29 only holds six rounds.
* BuddyCopShow: A StealthParody thereof.
* CelebrityResemblance: One Cleanhead reminds Ridzik about a boxer.
-->'''Ridzik:''' You look like Marvin Hagler. I lost money on Hagler!
* ChummyCommies: Ivan Danko passed into history as one of very few heroic Soviet characters in Hollywood cinema.
%%* CultureClash
%%* CowboyCop: Ridzik.
%%* DeadpanSnarker: Danko and Ridzik.
* DonutMessWithACop:
-->'''Ridzik:''' I'm gonna get us something from all four food groups: hamburgers, french fries, coffee and doughnuts.
* FanserviceExtra: Plenty of both genders appear in the opening sauna scenes.
%%* FishOutOfWater
* GameOfChicken: The final confrontation with Rosta and the main characters involves them going against each other with buses in a game of chicken.
* GangOfHats: The Cleanheads are a gang of [[ScaryBlackMan Scary Black Men]] with [[BaldOfEvil Balds of Evil]].
* GunsAkimbo: Rosta during the motel shootout.
* HandCannon: Danko's fictional Podbyrin 9.2mm Pistol, made from a .357 Desert Eagle. Later, he has the pistol taken from him and has to switch for a .44 Magnum, which doesn't impress him much.
-->'''Ridzik:''' Captain Danko, congratulations. You are now the proud owner of the most powerful handgun in the world.
-->'''Danko:''' Soviet Podbyrin, 9.2 millimeter, is world's most powerful handgun.
-->'''Ridzik:''' Oh, come on, everybody knows the .44 Magnum is the big boy on the block. Why do you think Film/DirtyHarry uses it?
-->'''Danko:''' [[PopCulturalOsmosisFailure Who is Dirty Harry]]?
* HighConcept: Soviet / American buddy cop teamup.
%%* HuskyRusskie: Danko.
* TheInformant: Streak, the "pile-of-shit pimp" mentioned in the page quote.
%%* TheMafiya: Georgian drug cartel.
* MirandaRights: Has to be explained to Danko. He doesn't fully get it, but he gets around it when he's harassed later on by a street punk.
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: Arnold's accent doesn't sound American, which was enough for him to play a Russian.
* NothingUpMySleeve: Rosta has a hidden derringer in his sleeve.
%%* OddCouple: Danko and Ridzik.
* PoliceAreUseless: Lampshaded by Danko:
-->Chicago is very strange city. Your crime is organized, but your police are not.
* ProphetEyes: Elijah, who is blind.
* RedLightDistrict: The hotel where Danko is staying is situated in such an area.
* RealMenWearPink: Danko has a pet bird and he isn't happy when Ridzik says that it would be more fitting for a girl.
%%* RuthlessForeignGangsters: The Georgians.
* SharedUniverse: With ''Film/ExtremePrejudice'' (which was also directed by Creator/WalterHill), as both feature a man named Lupo (and as promised in the other film, he's a ManInWhite here).
* SoMuchForStealth: Ivan Danko is trying to sneak up behind Viktor Rosta when his watch alarm (set to tell him when to feed his pet bird back in Moscow) goes off.
* TwoFirstNames: Abdul Elijah.
* VodkaDrunkenski
-->'''Commander Donnelly:''' Since I figure cops are cops the world over, how do you Soviets deal with all the tension and stress?
-->'''Danko:''' Vodka.
* YourMom: Viktor calls Ridzik a motherfucker in his native language ("Ebi svoju mamu v zadnicu!"[[labelnote:In English]]Fuck your mother in the ass![[/labelnote]]). When translating into English, Danko applies TactfulTranslation by telling Ridzik, "He say, 'Go and kiss your mother's behind.'"