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Film: Psycho Cop
Officer Joe Vickers at your service.

He always gets his man...and everyone else.
— Tagline for the first film.

Psycho Cop and its sequel Psycho Cop Returns (also known as simply Psycho Cop 2) were two So Bad They're Good Slasher Movies which followed the exploits of psychopathic police impersonator serial killer Joe Vickers, who is on a mission from Satan to kill everyone he perceives as criminals and make bad puns out of everything while he's at it. Curiously, these movies hit the cinemas right after the first Maniac Cop installment.

In the first film, three young couples decide to have good time on a luxury cabin which resides in the backwoods. They are followed by Vickers who starts killing them one by one. Unsurprisingly, the movie ends with Vickers Not Quite Dead.

The second film opens with Vickers hearing about a bachelor party from two office workers which will be held in an office building in late-hours and it will include booze, drugs and hookers. He then follows the two men to the site of the party, locks the doors and starts killing everyone stuck inside with him.

This movie ditches the Cliché Storm teenkill-aproach from the first film and goes over the top with its presentation; gore, nudity and laughably bad puns are all over the place.

These two films contain examples of:

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alternative title(s): Psycho Cop; Psycho Cop Returns; Psycho Cop Returns
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