A 2009 Lifetime movie [[BasedOnATrueStory based on the true story]] of Bobby Griffith.

Bobby is 18 years old, lives with his loving family, goes to church, and... is gay. When his mother (Creator/SigourneyWeaver) finds out, she attempts to cure Bobby with prayers and psychiatric help.

None of it works, of course, and Bobby sinks deeper into depression and self-loathing. [[spoiler: He finally kills himself... which causes his mother to reevaluate her beliefs about homosexuality.]]
!!Tropes Used:
* AbusiveParents: Mary, arguably. She forces her religion down her children's throats, in particular Bobby, who she calls "sick" and "perverted" for being gay, trying to 'convert' him. Her actions [[spoiler: drive her son to suicide]]. However, Mary genuinely cares for her children and begins seriously questioning her church's interpretation of Scripture after [[spoiler: Bobby's death]]. In the end, she accepts that her earlier beliefs were wrong and tries to [[TheAtoner make amends]].
* AnAesop: Parents, telling your child that he/she is inherently sinful because he/she is gay is bad, and may drive your child to suicide.
* BasedOnATrueStory
* CureYourGays: Mary Griffith's strategy, [[spoiler:which drives her son to suicide.]]
* DrivenToSuicide: Bobby attempts suicide early one. [[spoiler: Eventually he throws himself from a bridge into the path of truck and is instantly killed, with the aftermath of his suicide forming the main plot in the second half of the film]].
* {{Gayngst}}: Bobby, on account of the fact his mother is a conservative evangelical Christian who believes being gay is a sin and won't accept her son. [[spoiler: He eventually commits suicide]].
* HeelRealization: Mary Griffith has one [[spoiler: after Bobby kills himself]]..
* IJustWantToBeNormal: Bobby.
* RedemptionQuest: Mary Griffith, who became a gay rights activist after [[spoiler:Bobby's death.]]
* TrailersAlwaysSpoil: Basically, all the important points in the movie were in the trailer.
* WhereEverybodyKnowsYourFlame: Bobby pays a visit to a local gay bar in his town.