A 1971 psychological thriller film, the directorial debut of Creator/ClintEastwood.

Dave Garver (Eastwood) is a womanizing overnight DJ who constantly gets calls from a woman asking him to play the song "Misty". He eventually meets the woman, named Evelyn (Creator/JessicaWalter), and has a one-night-stand with her. Evelyn insists on making herself part of Dave's life and, at first, Dave likes the attention. However, his ex-girlfriend Tobie (Donna Mills) moves back to town and Dave decides to patch things up. After he attempts to tell Evelyn that he's not interested, she responds by attempting suicide. Dave and Tobie get closer, but Evelyn isn't going to take it and tries any way she can to keep Dave to herself, even if it means getting rid of Tobie for good...
!!This film contains examples of:

* AxCrazy: Evelyn gets more violent as the film goes on.
* BlackBestFriend: Al Monte
* BlackDudeDiesFirst: Averted. [[spoiler:The first of the two people Evelyn attacks in the movie is Dave's black housekeeper, but she survives, although her involvement in the plot does end there.]]
* TheCameo: Don Siegel, who directed Eastwood in such films as ''Film/TwoMulesForSisterSara'' and ''Film/DirtyHarry'', appears as Murphy the bartender.
* CampGay: Tobie's artist friend Jay Jay.
* CoolCar: Dave has one of these as well as a CoolHouse.
* DisneyVillainDeath: [[spoiler:Evelyn is accidentally pushed off a cliff by Dave.]]
* LoveMakesYouCrazy: Evelyn.
* NotGoodWithRejection: Guess who?
* OldFlame: Tobie, to Dave.
* SceneryPorn: The Carmel-Monterey coastline is shown to great effect.
* SexyCoatFlashing: Although, since it's Evelyn, the effect is rather more creepy than sexy.
* StalkerWithACrush: Notably, this is something of an UnbuiltTrope. Rather than the modern DoubleStandard of female stalkers being PlayedForLaughs, Dave is clearly sympathetic, and for the majority of the movie trying to do the right thing. He wants to get back with his ex, and he's trying to put Evelyn down as gently as possible. Evelyn, on the other hand, is portrayed as horrible.
* TitleDrop: Long before they even meet, Evelyn regularly calls in to Dave's radio show and asks him to "play 'Misty' for me".
* TraumaticHaircut: Evelyn gives one of these to Tobie while holding her hostage.
* {{Yandere}}: Evelyn.