Film / Parker

Parker is a 2013 action flick starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez, adapted from Donald Westlake's novel Flashfire.

Parker (Statham) is a professional thief whose code of ethics involves not stealing from the poor or hurting innocent people. After getting stabbed in the back and left for dead by his crew, Parker tracks them down to Palm Beach, Florida in order to get revenge, where he enlists the help of Leslie Rogers (Lopez), a real estate agent who helps him rob his former friends.


  • Establishing Character Moment: During the opening heist, Parker deals with a panicking security guard by calmly talking him down.
  • Flat "What.": After Leslie finds out that Parker is up to something and offers to help him with his criminal activities:
    Parker: Take off your clothes.
    Leslie: ....What?
  • Gentleman Thief: Parker.
  • Informed Ability: The hitman. It should be the best, but we see him killing only an hapless character and he fails to kill Parker after surprising him from the back.
  • It Works Better with Bullets: Parker breaks into Melander's hideout and bends the firing pins on all of the gang's hidden guns he can find. This proves a vital precaution during his final confrontation with the gang.
  • Knife Nut: The hitman sent after Parker and his loved ones.
  • Left for Dead: Parker is shot by the gang, thrown out of moving car and then shot again (twice) before being kicked into a water-filled ditch and left for dead. He survives and comes back for revenge. Melander is furious when he learns that Hardwicke hadn't bothered to confirm Parker was dead before kicking him into the ditch.
  • Lighter and Softer: Parker was a full-on Villain Protagonist in Westlake's novels. The film tones that down greatly, making him a Gentleman Thief Anti-Hero.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Leslie. Especially in her underwear.
  • Mugged for Disguise: Parker knocks out a male nurse and steals his uniform to escape from the hospital.
  • No Honor Among Thieves: Parker refuses to throw in with his partners and pool his share of the loot with them so they can pull a second a job. His partners shoot him, take his share of the loot and leave him for dead.
  • Normally, I Would Be Dead Now: Parker gets shot and stabbed to the chest (among other things), but just keeps on going.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: It wasn't the most sane of ideas of his former partners to double-cross him.
  • Take Off Your Clothes: Parker orders Leslie to strip so he can see she is not wearing a wire.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Arguably Parker; just knocked down an hitman? Forget about him and give him shoulders... Fortunately he is Made of Iron}