A 1994 RomanticComedy directed by Norman Jewison, starring Creator/MarisaTomei and Creator/RobertDowneyJr.

As a young girl, Faith Corvatch asks a OuijaBoard what the name of her soulmate will be: the ouija board spells out the name 'Damon Bradley'. Faith's belief that this 'Damon' is her true love is later cemented when she and her friends visit a carnival FortuneTeller who confirms that 'Damon Bradley' is the name of the man she will marry.

The film then [[TimeSkip time skips]] fourteen years- Faith (Tomei) is now a school teacher and WideEyedIdealist, albeit one who has given up on finding 'Damon' and is about to marry Dwayne, a boring podiatrist. However, all this is thrown up in the air when Faith overhears an answering machine message left for Dwayne by his old friend who is about to leave town, Damon Bradley. Faith drops everything and decides to chase after him to Italy, accompanied by Kate (Bonnie Hunt), her unhappily married sister-in-law. Faith eventually runs into Damon in UsefulNotes/{{Rome}} and after a romantic evening together... discovers that 'Damon' is actually Peter (Downey), a buyer for a chain of shoe stores. Desperate to stay around Faith, Peter offers to help her track Damon down.

Needless to say, complications and {{UST}} ensue.

!!''Only You'' provides examples of:

* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Kate, Faith and Leslie
* CityOfCanals: Faith and Kate begin their Italian journey in Venice.
* CrashIntoHello: Faith and Peter's first meeting
* DisposableFiance: Dwayne
* FirstGuyWins: [[spoiler: Averted with Dwayne, but played straight with Larry.]]
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Faith's brother Larry, who is not only a LazyHusband to Kate, but also [[spoiler: causes (albeit, inadvertantly) Faith's wild goose chase after Damon when he helped her spell out 'Damon Bradley' on the OuijaBoard ''and'' paid off the FortuneTeller to tell Faith he was her soulmate when they were younger]]. When Kate abandons him to go to Italy with Faith however, he misses her and eventually follows her there to make amends for being a bad husband.
* LatinLover: Giovanni
* LoveAtFirstSight: Peter for Faith. It's subverted for Faith when he reveals that he's not Damon after their romantic night out.
* NiceShoes: As a shoe buyer, it's one of the first things Peter notices about Faith. He later gives her a pair to wear for her meeting with Damon in Positano.
* OliveGarden: Faith and Kate start their journey in Venice on a gondola, followed by a roadtrip through sunny Tuscan countryside with groves of olive trees (and some [[NunsNRosaries friendly Nuns]] who fix their hire car when it breaks down). When they reach Rome, Kate immediately falls in with a handsome, wealthy Italian businessman who agrees to help Faith find Damon. And when Faith tracks down Damon/Peter, they take a romantic stroll around some of Rome's most prominent landmarks.
* PairTheSpares: Implied with [[spoiler: Dwayne]] and Faith's other friend [[spoiler: Leslie]].
* RaceForYourLove: Arguably the plot of the entire film. Subverted at the end however, where Faith and Peter [[spoiler: finally manage to find Damon on his flight back to the US, only for Faith to realise that it's Peter she wants to be with after all]].
* RunawayFiancee: Faith, who takes off after Damon days before her wedding to Dwyane.
* SceneryPorn: To be expected, given that the film was shot in Italy.
* ShoutOut: To ''Film/RomanHoliday'' when Faith and Peter visit the Bocca della Verità.